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  1. So the free hot tub cost me a little under $1000 but its working like new now, so it was still a good deal, just a lot of work... thanks everyone, especially RDspaguy for the help on getting this going. I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks, wasn't sure if it was normal for no light, not even a blinking error light to be on the control head. I figured it must be bad since everything else seemed to be working (well at least the pump and aux panel). Will the jets not turn on from the aux panel if the control head is not functioning? Also the light didn't turn on from the aux button either, figured that was due to the control head too? But the aux was lit up at least.
  3. Sorry, been a while thanks for all the help so far, I bought a new IQ2020 control box, new circ pump, and new aux panel. I replaced them all this weekend. Now when I power it up the circ pump does run, the aux panel does light up, but the control head does not light at all, no blinking light or anything on it. What would you suggest to do to troubleshoot? I was going to just go ahead and order the control head as well, but would like to be able to troubleshoot it first? The jets don't come on when I press it on the aux panel, but I am assuming that is because the control panel isn't workin
  4. Thanks for confirming for me, that was my biggest worry (that I did something wrong) would you recommend replacing anything other than the board? Just wondering if a faulty part could've caused the motherboard fry? Don't want it to happen to a new board immediately. Or is there a way to test the heater and circ pump without a working board?
  5. Attached are pictures of some voltage tests. 1st pic - Have 120 coming in to board from 20 amp gfci breaker 2nd pic - have 220 coming in from 30 amp gfci 3rd pic - have 120 going into other board 4th pic - 0 at circ pump 5th pic - 0 at jets The panel doesn't light at all either it was blinking red not anymore.
  6. Here is the instructions for the wiring. Let me know if you think somethings wrong. Thanks
  7. Ok. Let me know if you think of anything I could try. Hoping to avoid calling a tech in. The only one I could find charges $155 to show up and that covers 15 minutes then $100 an hour kicks in. So pretty much looking at a minimum of $255 + parts.
  8. Yes, it is in the breaker as well, the schematics had no neutral for the 220 breaker.
  9. I assume the board is bad? Any way to test other components to see if anything else is needed? If something that is bad caused it, I dont want it to happen to a new board...
  10. Here is the spot I was referring to. I didn't even notice it when I took the picture.
  11. Still showing 0. Also the red light no longer blinks. I just seen on the picture I attached of the board when I zoomed in right in the middle of the board it looks burnt or corroded? Can you see that?
  12. Not sure I did it right. It read zero. With power off I took off black and white pins on the circ pump part of the board on lower right portion of the board, then powered it on and tested it from the pins on the board?
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