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  1. Hi. Ive seen some discussion on the effects of adding stablizer direct into pool and getting mixed answers. I bought a powder instead of liquid and was told to put direct into filter basket. I didn't feel comfortable with that so i asked a different pool supplier and they said to add direct into pool. I brushed it with the vacuum i was given to help dissolve the powder. The next day i was losing water, and so far have found 4 leaks in my liner that i had to pay to patch up. Could this have been caused by the chemicals and/or the vacuum? Looking for thoughts or experience on this. Thank
  2. Hi. i just added powder stabalizer directly in my pool, 4 pounds, and then was told it should have went in the skimmer. the next day i started losing water, and found several holes in liner. i had them repaired, but now i have found another area leaking. Can this be responsible for eating up my liner?
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