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  1. We figured it out! The electrician grounded the wire for the heater incorrectly and my husband fixed it. Thanks for replying and your help!
  2. Thank you both--we filled it in the filter compartment with the hose (we watched a lot of videos beforehand) and think we filled it correctly. I see the footwell with the tiny bubbles...is there a filter we should remove down there or just the big, cylindrical filters? We did remove those for a minute last night because i had read that removing the filters may help but to no avail...darn it. Do you think we should remove the filters and run the jets for a bit? We're stumped!! We're calling the store where we bought it today and the electrician, too. We turned on and off the breakers and left them off all night but got that error code again this morning right when we turned the power back on. Maybe it is the wiring and the electrician needs to come back...
  3. Hello, We just had our Limelight hot tub delivered, filled it and everything works except we're getting an error that says E6 No Power to Heater. Obviously that's very concerning. We filled it correctly and the jets all work and the lights, too. Is there anyone that has an idea why a just delivered (today) tub would show this error? It has not heated even a degree!
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