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  1. So I replaced the circuit board and the thermometer yesterday. It now correctly kicks on the heater and pump 1 when heating, and shows the correct temp. I assume the mini fire we had from the married heater wires fried the board. There were little warped edges around the board where the heater connected. I've learned so much about that 10 year old hot tub at this point, thank you guys for all of your help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok and not sure if this is helpful but the overheat and —- only appear after ot goes above what it thinks is 65°
  3. I also attempted to test the high limit and temp sensor but couldn't get a resistance reading on them. Even after taking the wires out of the casing it still continues to read 1. Do I have the correct tool for this job? Multimeter option was 2K Ohms per the picture. Considering the temp is consistently 20 degrees lower than thermal temp, I assume that at minimum needs to be replace. And then the fact that the heater keeps going without the pump one being on would indicate an issue with the circuit board or the child I inserted?
  4. Didn’t see any black heat damage on the back of the board. I think that smoke on the case is from a previous issue. But correct this board was cobbled together. Should that be my next move? Try swapping out the boards? If the high limit and temp sensor both read normal?
  5. Very helpful. I’ll keep you posted.
  6. Which sensors should I be testing? Where are they located? Where is the heater relay located? Appreciate all the help thus far!!
  7. I did previously have the wrong logic chip. I ordered a new one and it worked up until this point. See previous thread link a few posts back. Since that’s the lowest cost should I try replacing that first?
  8. Yes the low speed pump does turn on with the button. Does the heater relay exist in the circuit board? what dipswitch setting should I check?
  9. Disconnected heater and turned it on. start up followed by firm where but no jets turned on. I increased the temp and still nothing. the heater light didn’t turn on. just to verify I reconnected the heater and on power on the sound of the heater turn on right away but didn’t turn the light red.
  10. Safest way to disconnect the heater? I would think just unscrewing from J33 and J34 on the circuit board?
  11. Attempted to adjust the flow switch and after powering it back on I saw the following 560 on display same Time heater turns on adjusting flow switch a bit more then I get a FL2 on the panel heater over heats and prompts an OH again. When I move the temp above 71 I do see the heater light turn on and had a click. also of note I checked the heater with the thermometer and it was 71 like the read out.
  12. Red wire removed, placed directly to the heater. Image shows what I believe is connectivity at the high limit disc but not entirely sure so picture included. Upon start up LED comes on, flashes 560 or something similar then no jets but the heater then kicks on Heater continues until it displays oH. Presumably because its heating up in place and not flowing through the water. Jets kick on once oH is displayed. Temp set at 65, display says 69 but thermometer reads 90 degrees. So could it have have again forgotten that it doesn't have a circulation pump a
  13. Originally the error that was on display was " - - -" which I've read is the watchdog message. The wire going from the heater to J34 on the circuit board. Actual temp was 120+, display temp was 99 or so. In the tub the thermometer ( I used two) is 90 degrees now but the hot tub shows 70 degrees. So clearly something going on there. We always kept it set around 75-80 which if this is correct was around 90 or so since I never thought to compare the water temp displayed with another thermometer.
  14. SO thought I was out of the woods with my hot tub problems after cracking the previous chip issue, but here we go again. I found the hot tub was off and checked the breaker, nothing, checked the panel and found one wire had been fried. There was green coorsion and it appeared to have been on fire for a minute, thank god nothing worse. For some reason the wire from the heater to control board had been cut and reconnected. I replaced the entire wire, 10 gauge with for connectors and it turned back on. But when I went out after leaving it on over night it had gone up to 12
  15. To close the loop here, it was the chip that was the issue. Much appreciated for all the assistance!!!!!
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