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  1. Due to the malfeasance of someone in my household whom shall remain nameless, my 440gal. spa reached an alkalinity level of 280ppm.  I treated yesterday with SpaGuard pH Decreaser sodium bisulfate (SB) and it's now down to 240ppm.  I know I need to get to 80-120 ppm, so, my questions are: 1. How much of the SB can I add dissolved in a pail of water at a time and how long after the application do I need to wait before testing?  Any other advice would be appreciated.  TIA.

  2. It is a Balboa pack.  After letting it sit all night I cycled all the breakers again including the subpanel GFCI test and it booted up.  We get some goofy power spikes here and that could possibly have been the culprit.

    Thanks for the excellent analysis and quick response.  Nearest tech is a $300 trip charge away, so I'll be relying on this forum if I have problems in the future.  Last week I replaced a leaking slice valve coupler myself.

    Thanks again.


    ht old assembly.jpg

    HT Leak1.jpg

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