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  1. Hey there! Me again...we replaced the topside control panel again, and all worked again. Bad replacement part. Oh well. Now I’ve got another issue for another post. There’s not much left to replace after last summer’s shenanigans. Lol!
  2. I meant to say we don’t want have to replace the topside control panel or main circuit board just for lights.
  3. Welp. We’ve replaced every fuse. Reset the light connectors. Still no lights. Everything else works fine. I guess we could have a bad light button on the topside control panel, but no clue otherwise. We don’t want to have to replace the main circuit board just for lights. Since all the tub stuff is working, we are going to close it all back up for the weekend of storms. I can live without lights if needed. If you have any other ideas, we’re up to keep troubleshooting next week. Again, thanks so much to both of you!!
  4. Awesome! SO glad those codes are normal - we haven't seen them on boot in the past. We've ordered an F5 fuse. Once the F5 gets here, we'll have replaced ALL the fuses. Thank you both for your help! I'll let you know how it goes. *fingers crossed*
  5. Ok, we've replaced every fuse on the main circuit board with the exception of F5 - that one is on order. Everything else besides the lights seems to be working just fine. But we are still getting the error messages above in addition to no tub lights working. *shrug*
  6. Hey there, you both are awesome! Thank you so much! We've made major progress. Replaced the ozonator and F4 fuse. We unplugged the A/V from the main circuit board (since we aren't using any of it). Now the topside control panel powers on and is functional. Most everything seems to work now. Here's the next round of craziness: 1. When we power up, the topside control panel throws a series of error codes that I can't find online anywhere: 752, 152, 93, 42, 24, then Pr Nothing comes up that I can find in the owner's manual or online for those codes. "Pr" comes up frequently when w
  7. Yes, it does have a circulation pump. Everything is 110V. The ozonator won't get here until next week, but we'll do some testing of the continuity. Thank you!
  8. Thanks much from both of you. I've tried to present all the information again in order of occurrence, added corresponding photos for you, and rephrased my questions at the end of this post. Original Issue The original issue in this post (we thought) was the topside control panel flickered in and out for several minutes, then finally permanently failed and had no power/no errors/no lights/nada. The topside control panel did get wet from an accidental overfill (and the topside control panel went out within a day or two of the overfill). Some things to note: The A/V water damage I
  9. Ok, quick update, he's done some jerry-rigging in the A/V box, and we're to the point where we can turn everything on without the breaker or fuse on the A/V tripping. I've ordered an ozonator since we know we need to replace that. I'll wait to see what you say before ordering anything else.
  10. P.S. The hot tub is outside, and we are noticing that it looks like there's some water markings inside the panels. Not sure what may have gotten wet other than the A/V box. It's below ground in a specially drained concrete pit with a deck above it. So we may have some water damage issues that we're dealing with too.
  11. Ok, so we had to do a bit of testing. Here's what we know: - The wires coming into the hot tub are hot and the breaker box seems functional. - Our spa came with the stereo. We had no idea what a bad idea this was until after we got it. We've removed the speakers and plugged the ports on the tub up. We have discovered there's a fuse on the A/V module was blown. We replaced it and it blew again. - Also, the ozonator box tested hot on the voltmeter, so we disconnected power and were worried it might have water in it. Instead, we found a capacitor had blown completely off the ozona
  12. Thanks so much for the info! I'm always grateful for the help of folks. We did just install the new topside controller. It's the 6 button one. Photos below. I'll check the main board inside tomorrow to get photos and check the voltages. It's getting dark, but looks like we may indeed have lost a fuse as well. Is there somewhere you prefer to get fuses/parts online? Any reason to buy only branded fuses for the Artesian/South Seas electric? Here's the new controller (sans sticker while the silcone dries): Here's the old one with sticker.
  13. We have a Tropic Seas Spa Maui XL (2 pumps) that we can't get power to. Have checked power to outside box, GFCI and both look good. Replaced the control panel. Still nothing. I don't think it's a fuse because when the panel/power went out, the control panel faded in and out a bit before the pumps shut off. It came back on a couple of times, then went out and never came back. The panel had gone out before in similar fashion, so we replaced the control panel. But nothing powers on. I can't find a diagram of the internal electric panel/box. Does someone have a link/copy? I doubt it's a fuse
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