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  1. Update....pump won't even turn on now.
  2. Freeflow azure premier will turn on and attempt to prime. Jets will come on for about 5 secs, turn off and on again. Then high jets turn on for about 5 secs and then pump shuts itself off and FLO code comes on. It was upgraded to 220v. Any thing I have missed, control panel was changed to reflect 220v upgrade
  3. Just purchased a Azure Premier by freeflow and was going to hardwire to 220v. This is replacing the old marquis spa and I already have the 8 gauge wire to hardwire. Has anyone done this on their own or were the plastic separator tabs for the wires to flimsy to use. Was contemplating doing it myself but am also considering an electrician. Full honesty tried myself and I think I bent tabs that I would stick wire in. Put 110v back in but no plug to plug into so hooked up to extension cord but getting no power to hot tub. Yes I know....stupid
  4. Yes the filter was removed and ran and no change. Yes I have cracked both couplers and Let it bleed out and still no change. At the end of the day when I take the electronic box off and look at the wiring inside the motherboard you can see it physically trying to click over to high speed pump for whatever reason. Have done virtually every air lock trick I can find. I will look to find if there is some kind of one-way valve that I don't know about.
  5. Tested at breaker and pump connections. All where they should be. Had an electrician double check. At this point the thought is a mother board issue. Everytime it gets turned on it sounds like the high jets are trying to turn on and something in system stops it. Even unplugged control panel and same issue.
  6. Voltage was fine, all water levels and filter were good. No air locks. I did however unplug the pressure switch and it worked for a few minutes then it went back to tripping again. Put the new other switch in and it worked again for a minute or so then back to tripping again.
  7. This is what is going on, new pump put in few days ago, same thing happening before new pump. 20200804_193117.mp4
  8. It's almost like they're pausing for the smallest amount of time where it feels like the Jets aren't a full stream when turned on. I can't seem to turn them on high-speed. I almost feel like it's a control panel issue. I wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas
  9. Hi everyone new to The Forum. Anyways, I currently have a 2002 Marquis Spa Leisure series The Wish hot tub. Just replaced the pump and still dealing with pulsating Jets have done all the checks for air in the line, the filter is clean not sure if anyone has any answers. Thanks in advance.
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