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  1. Well. 2 electrical supply stores, 8 hours of labor and I'm done. Between 2 stores they had the gfcis I needed and the 60 feet of 6/3 w ground. Man that was a headache, but thank you very much for the advice. I am no rest assured it is done to code and safe. I installed the larger box to the right. 20gfci and dual 30gfci. As to the recommendation of the company. All waterproof connections and correct awg wire. Whew now I have to learn chemicals! Hahaha
  2. Hahaha i actually laughed out loud when i read that! I am learning as i go here, and am glad that you are taking the time to help me out. So thank you. I will return the SquareD (bad reputation?). My main house panel is a Siemens. I'm going to stop by an electrical supply store near me in the morning and hope they have a box and GFCIs i need. I want to do it right so i'm just going to pay the extra. I will also look into Home Depot and see what they have as well. It shouldn't be too hard to find a box to fit the 30amp and 20amp GFCIs. I was hoping to use the 50a box but i want my family safe.
  3. Here is what I have. The schematic for the panel and the panel itself. The dual 50 amp disconnect is just the standard one from Lowe's
  4. Ok, thank you for your advise. I will call a electric supply store and see if i can get the non gfci 20 and 30, and the gfci dual 50. They had the tub wired to a dual 50 at the side of the house for years they said. So was wondering if i could do the same. I don't like the words "fire hazard", haha so i will attempt to do it to code as possible. The only dual 20/30amp box i could find was like 350 bucks...so trying to avoid that cost. Thank you RD!!!
  5. Hello all, I recently acquired a 2009 Tiger River Spa the can be 110 or 220a. The previous owner had it wired to a dual 50a disconnect on the side of the house. The spec sheet calls for a 30a and 20a gfci setup. I know the importance of separating the pump and the heater on two gfci's so please don't harp on me for this. My question is can i run the single neutral, and the 3 hots(plus ground) to the dual 50a gfci? It is almost impossible to find a 30amp and 20amp disconnect nowadays. Thank you very very much for your help!!!!!
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