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  1. Hello, Everyone.   This salt / chlorine generation has been a nightmare since buying my home with an inground pool 4 years ago.  (Salt, 28k gallon, gunite, 2 skimmers, 1hp super pump, DE hayward pro-grid filter). 

    My issues are around chlorine generation.

    The salt system is an older Mineral Springs MS-10 Control Panel with software version (r 1.40).  I just bought a brand new $900 Hayward salt cell (TCELL 940) a couple hrs ago. 

    I have flow, I have power, I have all chemicals in, water tested, all good -- yet the following issues are present:

    When I turn Control Panel off, and then switch back up to Auto (on), all green lights are activated and system is generating/working.   5 minutes pass and then I hear a single click noise inside the Panel and then the Green Light next to "Generating Sanitizer" disappears.  So I don't believe it's Generating anymore.   Secondly, Check Minerals gets lit up Red.  Thirdly, inspect cell gets lit up solid Orange (not blinking, and when I hold the selection button down for 3-4 seconds, it doesn't turn off, like I read it should).   So not sure what this is all about?

    Could the older control panel not be compatible with the new salt cell?   (Think of hooking together a computer from 2005 with parts from today, 2020; compatibility may be an issue?) 

    Also, what setting do I need to choose on the Control Panel.  AL-0, AL-1, AL-2, AL-3, AL-4, AL-5?   Perhaps the software version (r 1.40) isn't compatible, either?  I don't know.   Maybe time to just buy a new Control Panel from the year 2020?

    I'm sooo tempted to just bulldoze and fill this pool in, and plant some pepper & squash plants!  

    If anyone can lend a minute of assistance, it would be SOOO APPRECIATED!

    Your Fellow American,





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