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  1. Thank you so much for your message. You are quite right, it was bromine granules that we added. Apologies. We didn't test the water before adding the bromine... Yikes we keep getting this wrong! I think a test kit is definitely the way forward.
  2. Hi there, I hope that you are all well. Hot tub newbie here! We had our hot tub delivered last week We were given instructions to fill the tub and, once it reached 26 degrees or over, put 4-6 tablespoons of bromine into the water. We were then advised to check the levels using strips and to add a capful of PH reducer or TA enhancer as necessary. The strips seemed far from accurate, but we got to a level where the colours seemed to match. However, after only being in the hot tub twice, we have all come out in a rash. Not to put too fine a point on it, I am covered in spots! We asked our hot tub supplier for help and they said that we were given bad advice on almost all fronts and that we needed only a couple of level teaspoons of bromine. Having had such a bad experience, we are keen to start again and get things completely safe We have replaced the water and are desperately trying to get those strip colours to match. However, the PH always seems too high. Sorry to waffle on... we are just at our wits end! Thank you for your time... I really appreciate your help!
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