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  1. I was looking for an answer to what kheisler did to solve his/her problem, which a new post wouldn't answer. I may have been too verbose in my question; was just making a comparison to that original problem. I'm still troubleshooting but may come back for help at a later time. Thanks.
  2. What "did the trick"? Replacing temp sensors or whole pack or other? I bought a used Endless Pool spa, just got the power to it on Friday, and the E14 Laing pump keeps shutting down much like you described sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes longer. My research indicates it could be one of about 17 things. Not sure EP offers a retrofit pack and even if they did, they'll charge me $500 to transfer ownership to me. Would be good to isolate root cause and fix that at this point if I can. TIA.
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