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  1. Now I am not getting a bromine reading on my test strips. I have put a floater in with plenty of bromine tablets and have also added granular bromine to try and get things going but despite adding the recommended dose of granular bromine and having shocked with MPS the bromine levels are back to zero every morning. Reading on here it says you have to build up a bromine bank. My question is, is it safe to go in the tub while I am waiting for the bromine bank to build up as long as I add some granular bromine daily? It could take weeks!!
  2. As promised here is my update. I did a complete water change on the swim spa. Refilled with fresh mains water but unfortunately did not get a hose filter to take out the metals and the local spa company said he has never once heard of any customers getting staining problems with our local water in the 10 years he has been in business. He believes there is something suspicious going on with using the H2O2 and like you suggested I consider an alternative sanitiser. I have come off the H2O2 sanitiser and gone onto bromine. I also put in a scale inhibitor and stain removal additive based on etidronic acid which needs adding weekly. Now for the miracle . . . within just 24 hours ALL of the staining has disappeared completely!! There is a reason why mainstay trusted sanitisers such as bromine and chlorine are used. I would advise anyone thinking of running their spa's on H2O2 to not do it as it was very difficult to manage the water and filters and it is now evident that it was also contributing to a staining problem.
  3. Thanks waterbear, I live 60 miles north of Tiptree and regularly pass that area with work. Sounds like you had a nice time in London and Edinburgh, they are both great cities. I think I read somewhere in your many posts on here that you are in the Florida area? Never been to the US but am planning on visiting and would like to visit Florida / the south. That is really helpful information. Since reading your advice I have done the following:- 1. topped up with mains water above the water line to cover the staining completely, checked pH and it was 7.9 so high 2. Added the appropriate amount of chelating agent (I had to use GLDA ‐Na4 as I have got loads of it) and recirculated for 30 mins, tested pH and it shot up to 9.5 3. I then adjusted pH downwards with sodium bisulphate to 7.1 4. Topped up the H2O2 (the chelating agent GLDA ‐Na4 is not compatible with chlorine or bromine) sanitiser to 80ppm 4. Checked pH daily for two days and it kept creeping up to 7.4 - 7.6 so I adjusted it downwards to 7 - 7.1 each day Today is day 3 and to my amazement the stains have dramatically improved, in particular on the hot tub side of the swim spa which is set at 37 degree Celsius, the swim spa side is at 31 degrees Celsius. The swim spa side is more stained than the hot tub side but is also showing sings of improvement, so temperature may play a part? At this point I have not added any ascorbic acid and will wait to see what happens over the next few days. Would you like me to keep you posted on this? Thanks for your help.
  4. Waterbear, thanks for your advice, I am in England. My wife came back from Asda (Walmart in US) with vitamin C tablets with orange and zinc so when I held the tablet against the dampened stain it fizzed like crazy and turned orange which was not much help so I persisted and rubbed it around for a couple of minutes and I believe it improved the staining. I need to order some proper pure colourless 100% vitamin C tablet or powder from Amazon and try that properly and then report back. We purchased the swim spa second hand on eBay and it is an April 2018 model so not very old, when it arrived the acrylic shell was spotless, like brand new. We have only had it since May and have only ever used this Huwasan sanitizer because we saw a video on YouTube and decided to try going chlorine free. The spa has an ozone an UV system too. After reading your comments I am going to persist and try to manage and if the stains don't improve with the addition of vitamin C on recirculation, I am going to revert to chlorine or bromine. In the meantime if there is a definite improvement with the proper vitamin C tablet, how much should I add per 1000 litres (264 US gallons) of water please? How long should I recirculate for? The chelating agent I was sold is apparently the more environmentally friendly one which is L-glutamic acid N,N-diacetic acid, tetrasodium salt; GLDA-Na4. I was told to add it between 0.1 - 0.2% v/v so 1 - 2 litres per 1000 litres / 264 US Gallons. At the last fill I added fresh water then the chelating agent, waited for 1 hour then adjusted the pH (it went up from 7.3 to 8.8) then added the Huwasan silver stabilized H2O2 at 80ppm. The water goes a tinge of green for 12 - 24 hours then clears. I am finding that I have to keep adding pH minus to keep the pH in range 7.2 - 7.8. Also I didn't balance the pH for about 4 days due to going away with work and when I got back the staining had got a lot worse and the pH had shot up to 9.2!! Maybe that has something to do with the staining getting worse. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi RDspaguy, I am new on here so don't know how to do the Paging @waterbear. Line 2. Can you please help?
  6. Hi, really pleased to read the advice to remove the staining from the swim spa. My one is an acrylic shell swim spa and I have a mixture of staining colours. I have refilled it with mains water and added a chelating agent thinking that would remove the staining but it hasn't. I am using silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide called Huwasan at 80ppm. When I add the H2O2 the water goes s tinge of green before clearing after 24 hours. My question is, will ascorbic acid work ok on acrylic swim Spa without damaging it? Also will it work ok if the chelating agent is already in the water? Thanks for your help.
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