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  1. Thank you so much for that information it is extremely helpful. I just don’t want to pay for options that are not needed. I think the ozonator and nature 2 is the route I may go. I will definitely check out the studies. I agree that while you tube is helpful I think it just adds to the confusion. thanks again. I appreciate the tips.
  2. Artesian offers an in-line frog @ ease system. Is it work the extra money for that option. I have heard great things about Spa Marvel cutting chemical costs as well. I was thinking using Spa Marvel along with Nature 2. I’m still on the fence about ordering my tub with an ozonator. Why does it have to be so confusing. I would love to hear some helpful comments
  3. I am new to this forum but hope to find some answers. Im in the market for a new spa. Narrowed it down to Artesian Antigua, master spa twilight 7.2 & Coast Apex curve. I’m leaning toward Artesian. anyways, as with all spas you can add sanitization systems as options. Are they really needed? Do I need an Ozonator?
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