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  1. Sorry for the delay, we had another look at this today. The 2 sensors read 51.89k ohms, and 51.99k ohms. The pressure switch read 3.912m ohms. We measured the resistance of the probe by the heater element and as I held it in my hand the resistance dropped. Hope that makes more sense to you than it does to me! Look forward to your reply.
  2. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck with the multimeter as the pin was too large to insert into the plug to get a reading. I pulled out the bottom temp probe (which I believe is external to the heater under the board) to see if it reacted differently to a colder environment. I thought that possibly the cold air was triggering the early cut in. It made no difference and the spa carrrieed on the short heating cycles. The second probe is in the side of the spa and runs to a 4 pin plug on the board (see photo). The external probe adjacent to the pipe is a smaller 2 pin plug. I'll have to try and find a different multimeter. To properly test anything. There are a few wires from the probes and to the top controller which have some minor rodent damage, but don't look to have exposed wires touching.
  3. Thanks so much for the reply. I don't have a multimeter but a friend who is an electrician is popping over so I can get him to check the relevant things. Here is the photos, sorry its winter here and I leave and return in the dark currently! I also have a photo of the temperature probe, does this just sit against the pipe? For some reason I assumed it would be in the water! Thanks!
  4. Hey there, We moved house at the start of the year and an old spa came with the house. It's my first experience running a spa and well there's been a lot to learn. The spa itself is quote old I assume, the brand is Leisurerite and runs Balboa electronics. The tub heats up fine, but when it gets up to temperature it will come on every few minutes and run for about half a minute or so. I'm guessing something is going wrong with a sensor, I thought I might be able to work around the problem by putting the spa in eco mode, but the top controller isn't allowing me to change modes as described in a manual I found online, I can only change the filtration cycle settings. Should I change the sensors? I believe there is 1 in the pipe and 1 in the spa but I may be wrong. Or should I replace or adjust something different? The heater constantly cycling is driving me nuts as the spa is near the house. Thanks in advance.
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