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  1. I am researching for my husband. In asking questions in has come to my attention that I am using the terms "pump" and "motor" interchangeably. These are two separate things, correct? When you buy a motor does it come with the pump? My low speed (that is not working) would be part of the "motor". and the run and start capacitors are part of the "motor". correct? Do you replace both parts? I think if I were to have motor serviced ($$) we might as well purchase a new one. My husband was just going to replace the start capacitor himself (and maybe the run)
  2. if having to remove motor and empty spa of water would you think it be prudent to just replace the 2012 motor with a new one?? If so, what are the replacements to be looking for? Can we bump up the 1.5 to a 2HP? would that be advisable? Or should we just work with the start capacitor? Maybe even replace the run capacitor while we are at it. thanks so much for all your input
  3. I would like to know if my two speed Wavemaster 6000 model number# 39583 on my Hot Spot SX 2012 has a start capacitor AND a run capacitor?? I am trying to decipher if the housing on top of this pump is a Run or a Start capacitor? My low speed does not work so I think I need to replace the start capacitor. If that is not it on top and it inside on the end of pumpr I will need to take pump out to get to it. Which means emptying the spa of all the water AGAIN. I am also thinking that if I need to remove complete pump that I should just get a new one while I am going through all the work??
  4. we keep coming back to the start capacitor. How is it that the high speed works if there is a bad start capacitor? And it seems near impossible to reach it as the capacitor on the pump is in a corner. We do have a two speed pump correct? Which would mean we have a start and a run capacitor. With the run capacitor on the top of pump.
  5. Hi there, My two speed Wavemaster 6000 does not seem to run on low speed. It just hums for about 10 seconds then shuts off. However, it will run on high speed. My display is also not displaying properly so I am not sure of the error codes that I might be receiving. I have a 2012 Hot Spot SX. Any way to figure out if it is the motor or a control panel not reading/registering properly? Is there a starter capacitor for the low speed and a run capacitor for the high speed? And what is this high-temp reset switch that I keep running across in comments? Also, my "ready" light keeps flashing on control panel. . AAAAArrrrrrgggggg
  6. What exactly is this nipple on the bottom of the motomassage housing for?
  7. Hello all, I have a 2012 Hot Spot hot tub. I raised the hot tub off the ground and pulled back the vinyl cover stapled to the bottom. Pulled out blown in insulation and I found a leak coming from the very bottom of my motomassage assembly. There was a small tube clamped on to a nipple. The nipple broke off. What is this tube for? It almost strikes me as a drain because its in the lowest point of the cavity. Any input would be helpful. Thanks Darrell
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