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  1. Does the zorbie or scumbug just float freely in the hot tub or is it tied to stay in place. If they go into the skimmer area does it do any damage/restrict flows, etc. The zorbie has a string on it and scumbug does not so just wondering how everyone uses them.
  2. Just wondering I am on the Beachcomber Carefree chemicals and is it as easy as it sounds just the care free chemicals. My old hot tub had chlorine disks in the float but is my understanding correct that the care free system chemicals have that and I do not need a floating sanitizer dispenser in it. I can not seem to find that info anywhere it just says to use care free and care free boost and some soft. And balaancing the TA, pH and CH. Is chlorine tablets in a floatie required?
  3. In my operating manual it says to leave roman arch waterall control valve partially open when hot tub is not in use. Does that mean it always has to be on when lid is closed and water in it or does not in use mean drained and no power to it?
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