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  1. Hi Guys, How do you feel about Frog @ease. And no CYA Thank you
  2. Hi Guys, When ALK is to low ... I know we aim for 50, but even at 50 my pH goes up over 8 after one use. Is 40 safe for Acrylic spa. Thank you
  3. Lowered to 7.6 and maybe there is actually more... I wonder if this the calcium sterate. Issue with pipes. I have some Seakler comming tomorrow will see if it helps.
  4. Hi Guys, This is fresh fill after purge with Ahh Some, Tub was flushed with pure water and filled. I only used DryAcid and Dichlor no soak time yet. pH 7.8-8 ALK 60-70 CH 90 Tested with Taylor Kit Every time I turn jets on and stop them, my water looks like in pictures, 5 minutes later it looks crystal clear! It really looks like kinda air bubbles are floating on surface and sticking together or dust.... I tried to capture this in clear glass but its instantly gone. ( previous fill was same? Bad Dichlor ? dry Acid ? ) Just feel like dumping water yet again, frustrating I will pull microscope to this tomorrow Thank you for suggestion
  5. Thx, My Manual said at least 8 hours minimum "Spas with adjustable filter cycles should be operated a minimum of 8 hours a day to remove suspended particles that may exist.( 4 hours per a 12 hour period)" So lol, I figured 24 hrs will be better Hopefully I didn't destroy anything in first week of owning spa lmao!
  6. @canadianspatech 2 x 2 speed pumps it, uses low speed. Really I had it running for 24hrs ... For a week Is 4 hours really enough ? Thank you
  7. Tub was set to 100F Circulation set to 24h 89.6 outside and sun beating on it ... I wonder if that's the problem. Thx
  8. Hi Guys, Fresh fill... Store tested water and said to add 9 caps of Dazzle TH+ over 9 hours. 3x3 Done that now water is cloudy. Tested CA and Im at 105 ( ColorQ ) Strips show range of 100 as well. Level tested prior to adding the TH+ was 98, tested at the store. I cant believe that 9 caps increased only by 7 points and the cloudiness What is going on Im color blind so I cant use Taylor kit strip was read by a friend Thx
  9. @RDspaguy Dude you need to msg me your paypal so i can send you some beers... You are like personal hot tub wizard Will that high chlorine kill my tub lol ?
  10. @RDspaguy So the store told me to add ... 59 gms of chlorine to bring it back up... I did so about 3hrs ago... And strips and taylor test of the scale still 10ppm+ I think I will run Ahh Some tomorrow and dump it, and start fresh... Should I skip aqua finesses I guess ?
  11. @RDspaguy Latest results TDS 400 Chlorine TA 0.1 Free 0.1 ... pH: 7.9 TA: 124 CA: 121 Po: 1000ppb I added a little bit more pH down just now. But water looks like this at the top after running jets... Without jets it was pretty clear
  12. Thx, water cleared up but it seems little foamy, very fine white foam around edge of tub Here is virgin sample of my city water after whole house filter. ( catalytic carbon ) Free Chlorine 0.08 Total Chlorine 0.08 Combined 0.00 pH 7 Hardness 53 ppm Alkanity 95 Cyanuric Acid 5 ppm Phosphate 1943 ppb
  13. I have ColorQ on hand, will get Taylor FCL 3 TCL 3 pH 8.3 ALK 143 CA Hard 133
  14. Hi Guys, New Tub - filled with city water. Tub has ozone and uv Water was crystal clear, but out of balance. Went to pool store to test. Chlorine Total: 0.1, Free: 0.1 TDS 200ppm PH 8.1 TA 105 Ca 93 Po 2500 ppb They said to add 140 Grams of TA+ 34 grams od pH- 100 grams of TH+ split in 3 doses every 3 hours 59 grams of chlorine And. 1.28L of Phos Cleanse ( about to add it ) But water turned cloudish no longer crystal clear, should I dump it and start again Thx
  15. Thx, would I use that with current fill... Then dump water and then fill new. Or should I dump water, fill fresh use it, dump and fill fresh ?
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