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  1. Sorry you mean run nail in the arrow direction ? Nail catches going in either direction. interesting way in finding cracks, how does that work ? Like a ramp effect for one side ? And catches for other
  2. Hi all… I just noticed 2in scratch at the bottom of my hot tub… I guess little pebble or gravel got in I can feel and see it … since my tub is dark and scratch is white. should this be addressed with one of those acrylic scratch repair fillers or I just need to ignore it ? thank you
  3. Hi What do you guys recommend to customers during winter pump failures .. where I am it can get as low as -30C tub with questionable temp I assume can drop pretty fast … options, add **** load of anti freeze and mix drain and try to winterize drop heating element in tub ( how safely to not melt acrylic ) put 2 service lights in cabinet 100w bulbs ? ( does this actually work ? ) -if it does I might permanently add 2 lights and wire switch on outside of the cabinet, place on each corner ? Has anyone retrofitted circulation pump ? would that be hard ? currently my tub has 2 x 2 Speed pumps and it uses speed one for circulation thx guys !
  4. Sorry RD I was talking about electric pergola made by Covana
  5. Hi Guys, I know that we have multiple amazing techs here! Did any of you installed the Covana ? I have picked up used one, got it up and running, but manual says to not adjust the limit switch for the lowering value !? ( factory set ) I’m just worried that it will crush tub going to low ? thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Going to digg 4 inches of soil... And compact 3/4 stone and on top frame ... Should I use 6x6 PT or 4x4 PT ? I will esentially frame a patio that will sit on gravel Thx !
  7. Hi Guys, How do you feel about Frog @ease. And no CYA Thank you
  8. Hi Guys, When ALK is to low ... I know we aim for 50, but even at 50 my pH goes up over 8 after one use. Is 40 safe for Acrylic spa. Thank you
  9. Lowered to 7.6 and maybe there is actually more... I wonder if this the calcium sterate. Issue with pipes. I have some Seakler comming tomorrow will see if it helps.
  10. Hi Guys, This is fresh fill after purge with Ahh Some, Tub was flushed with pure water and filled. I only used DryAcid and Dichlor no soak time yet. pH 7.8-8 ALK 60-70 CH 90 Tested with Taylor Kit Every time I turn jets on and stop them, my water looks like in pictures, 5 minutes later it looks crystal clear! It really looks like kinda air bubbles are floating on surface and sticking together or dust.... I tried to capture this in clear glass but its instantly gone. ( previous fill was same? Bad Dichlor ? dry Acid ? ) Just feel like dumping water yet again, frustrating I will pull microscope to this tomorrow Thank you for suggestion
  11. Thx, My Manual said at least 8 hours minimum "Spas with adjustable filter cycles should be operated a minimum of 8 hours a day to remove suspended particles that may exist.( 4 hours per a 12 hour period)" So lol, I figured 24 hrs will be better Hopefully I didn't destroy anything in first week of owning spa lmao!
  12. @canadianspatech 2 x 2 speed pumps it, uses low speed. Really I had it running for 24hrs ... For a week Is 4 hours really enough ? Thank you
  13. Tub was set to 100F Circulation set to 24h 89.6 outside and sun beating on it ... I wonder if that's the problem. Thx
  14. Hi Guys, Fresh fill... Store tested water and said to add 9 caps of Dazzle TH+ over 9 hours. 3x3 Done that now water is cloudy. Tested CA and Im at 105 ( ColorQ ) Strips show range of 100 as well. Level tested prior to adding the TH+ was 98, tested at the store. I cant believe that 9 caps increased only by 7 points and the cloudiness What is going on Im color blind so I cant use Taylor kit strip was read by a friend Thx
  15. @RDspaguy Dude you need to msg me your paypal so i can send you some beers... You are like personal hot tub wizard Will that high chlorine kill my tub lol ?
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