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  1. Well... here I am going on the fifth month since my Ahh some clean and refill. Haven't had to change the cartridge yet. ??? Hmmm....Here's what I think is going on. 1. Bather load is light. 1 - 2 people 2 - 3 times per week. 2. After last refill and initial (minimal) H20 balance I have not added any chems to the H20. (No anti foam. No PH Up. No PH Down. No Shock. No Chlorine. Very little filter cleaner with an extensive rinse) etc. I am starting to think that minimizing TDS (total dissolved solids) and minimizing phosphates is what makes these cartridges last long. Basically set your H20 up and leave it. Don't keep messing with your H20 by adding ph up, then ph down, more salt, shock, chlorine, anti foam, heavy filter cleaner, not rinsing bathing suits and bodies well prior to use etc.
  2. UPDATE... I informed Watkins Wellness of my plight. They were very gracious and shipped me a three pack of salt cartridges free of charge. They also told me that the cartridges burn out faster than normal if the water phosphate levels are high. (Phosphates are from soap). Four months ago (March 19, 2021) I used "Ahh-Some", then drained, re filled, put in a new salt cartridge and balanced my water by the book. (I'm currently five days away from getting four full months out of this cartridge). What I learned: It's only two people using the spa twice a week. We have always been meticulous in rinsing very well prior to using the tub. Pure speculation but I'm thinking the reason(s) I was blowing through the cartridges so fast was... 1. There was bio film in my tub. 2. I used a bit of Hot Springs anti foam when I saw some foam. 3. I used too much Hot Springs filter spray cleaner when cleaning my filters (although I rinsed super good). Anyways.. all seems good now. As for the output gauge it's been at the 8 o clock position and I have it set to 4. Haven't had to add any chems since that drain and fill in March. I'm happy with that output gauge at the 8 o clock position as long as my chlorine level is good. So... Don't add anything to your water that isn't absolutely necessary. Don't add chlorine, use the salt generator to generate it. Don't go by the output gauge, go by your test strip. Use Ahh-Some next drain and fill to get rid of bio film, rinse off real good prior to soakin'.
  3. In the mean time... Just had to replace the third salt cartridge after 10 weeks. All three lasted only 9 - 10 weeks, not the four months that the company "HOT SPRINGS - WATKINS WELLNESS" advertises. They advertise that their "3-Pack" of cartridges will last one year, with a very crafty disclaimer that they won't stand by their product if your H20 is not balanced correctly. So.. I'm sure their gonna tell me my H20 wasn't balanced. It's a slick marketing trick. I feel like I've been had:( ps. I take great pride in ensuring my H20 is balanced perfectly and always have crystal clean H20.
  4. My dealer did recommend an Ahh-some treatment @ every refill. I do believe Ahh-some is a good product and a good idea to use in order to clean out the internal plumbing and I will use it. I am still a bit perplexed as to why I needed to put in a new salt cartridge after only two months. Can someone explain what exactly that cartridge does? I added salt upon initial fill (along with a bit of chlorine) and believe that was a one time deal as the salt never evaporates etc. I'm thinking the salt cartridge creates some kind of chemical reaction when exposed to salt and chlorine in order to create ongoing chlorine ? Also what exactly is the gauge on the salt meter for? I had it on "5" as per the rep who set my tub up at my house and when I went to buy the new cartridge at the local Hot Springs dealer the guy told me to keep it set at "3". Does setting it higher cause it to create more chlorine thus diminishing it's life?
  5. Yes sir I do understand. I also believe that an "Ahh-Some" treatment, (or similar product) is prudent prior to each drain & refill. (i.e. every four months or annually etc) not 27 consecutive times in a row in one week using nine different similar products. Did you read his actual blog? I did.
  6. Ahhsomeguy. If you read the "Spa purge Blog" you will see that the test was conducted using multiple drains and re fills using many different products similar to "Ahhsome". My point was I do not believe that a hot tub or a flush product is designed to conduct multiple frequent system flushes over a short period of time. Conducting a high frequency test in this manner may cause the degradation of the internal components. (Please correct if I'm nuts:)
  7. OK, I read the spa-purge blog re biofilms . I'm wondering if with all the different harsh chemicals used to flush your pipes so many times you may have degraded some seals and or other components throughout the plumbing creating what you describe as biofilms. This may not biofilms at all. This residue may be material etched off of the inside of your pipes, pumps etc that is the actual walls, seals etc of such components.
  8. Can someone explain how - why a hot tub manufacturer would "pre-load" biofilm in their hot tubs?
  9. Yep, after only nine weeks with my brand new Jetsetter LX I had to change the cartridge. At $70 a pop I'm questioning the integrity of this company after they assured me that the cartridge would have to be replaced every four months. I WILL NOT be happy if I have to replace this perishable component six times a year at a cost of $38 a month.
  10. Thanks for the link RDspaguy. Based on what I read (specifically): "Silver ions easily react with chlorines and nitrates that are present in the water, causing them to no longer be effective". I will not be using the silver as it will make my sanitizer (chlorine) ineffective. THANK YOU.
  11. Ok so now I'm wondering about the salt meter on my remote and the relation between salt and chlorine. All H20 values are in balance. Salt meter reads "OK" however it's at like the 7 - 8 o'clock position on the meter. Still ok, just appears a bit low. Should I add some salt to get the meter at the 12 o'clock position? If I add salt will more chlorine be generated? Also what do you guys think about a silver cartridge? Worth it? Aside from the cost wonder what the pro's and con's are? THANK YOU!
  12. (Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place...)? Anyway, just got a 2020 Hot Springs Jetsetter LX (our first hot tub) and was wondering...is the "clean cycle" simply the same as running the jets for 10 minutes? or is more going on within the system during this special cycle? Should I set it on "auto" so it runs once ea day? If so the cover will be on. Is that alright? Also anyone know of an app or alarm or something that could alert me should we be away from the tub for an extended period of time in the winter and experience a power outage? THANK YOU!
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