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  1. We are expecting our hot tub (first one) in a couple weeks and struggling with the final location. The dealer said we needed 24" behind the tub for the cover although it sounded more like an estimate than a definite. Can anyone confirm the space needed? Also how much space do you recommend on all sides? We are also considering a location next to our house that would have approximately 16" clearance from the side, is that too close? Thanks **** We are getting a BullFrog R7 with the standard cover.
  2. Thank you very much for the responses, they were very helpful. I went into the purchase wanting a Marquis and didn't realize the rest of the US is buying hot tubs also right now and there isn't any available inventory. We have two big dealers in town, both with good reviews, one sells American Whirlpool & Vita and the other Marquis. There is only one Marquis available now (2019 Hollywood) and a couple options for the American Whirlpool and Vita. As for the a wet test, I do not see how that is possible COVID. Neither place has an unit available for wet test, for that matter Marquis's showroom is closed. We are interested in a hot tub, have been thinking about it for years, I'm thinking either of these hot tubs is better than no hot tub. I have no problem not buying top tier or premium I just don't want to buy bottom tier. If Vita is middle of the road, I'm fine with that.
  3. We are looking at purchasing our first spa have narrowed down to two, Marquis Hollywood or Vita Prestige. I think I have entered "information overload" and wanted to get some advice. I was under the impression that Marquis was more of a premium brand and Vita was middle of the road. But looking at them the Vita seems nicer with more jets. I have been lost in the metal vs wood, full foam vs removable insulation, etc... Both dealers have been around for awhile and get good reviews on Google, etc. Can anyone share their opinion on these brands? Or offer something I should consider. Thanks
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