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  1. I put it on sleep already and heater still stays on even when circ pump is off. Only way heater shuts off is if I cut power completely to spa or when high temp limit is reached. I ended up disconnecting one side of the heater element to stop it from heating up the water. Working normally now. Will keep it on sleep until I figure out the heater issue. Got a cold tub for now. Anyway to get a relay unstuck?
  2. Thinking about disconnecting the heater relay so the water won’t heat up. Live in CA just need a swim spa and don’t need the heating. Will this still rack up my electric bill? I assume not no because I am now drawing power.....
  3. Having issues with my heater.....it won’t turn off and eventually I get the error with High Temp and spa shuts down. Thinking it could be a heater relay stuck. Might need a new board. been thinking about disconnecting the heater all together and this will allow my spa to work as normal with filtering and Jets without the heater.
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