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  1. If you google it, it should come up (Cleverspa is similar) 1. deflate the pool 2. take off the panel (couple of small switches & 2 nuts to loosen). 3. Take out the pipes (overflow pipe & filter from the inside) and make sure that the pipes from the outside are loose 4. pull the ‘unit’ where the pump is from underneath (will be a bit stiff due to the polystyrene insulation). 5. there will be a few screws on the top of the grey unit, take them loose & access to the pump should be there - you may need to take the heater element loose as well (can’t remember). Easy-ish job, just need patience!
  2. https://www.boospa.net/en/inflatable-spas/manufacturer-parts/aquaspa-parts/ this is the website I used, think it was about £90 posted to the UK
  3. The issue I had was the heat sensor failed - I replaced this with a cheap one from Ebay (about £4/5) and that seemed to work, althought I did have to scrape out the epoxy that was holding the old one in. Unfortunately the pump failed around 2months later and replaced this (£80.). The spares I bought were from a French website selling the Aqua Spa equipment.
  4. Thanks very much for the reply. I’ll try and take some photos tomorrow and upload. From reading other responses, there is usually a ‘Reset’ button on various Spa/Hot Tubs, doesn’t seem to be one on this model. It was strange as even with the ‘HL’ displayed - the bubbles, filter and heater were all working (bubbles working 100%, filter filtrating & the heater making a noise as normal when heating). It was working a couple of days ago, strange that it would stop working.
  5. Hi, I have been having some issue with my Aqua Sla deluxe. The tub has been working fine recently, but yesterday the display started showing upwards of 40C, before reaching 48C and showing the ‘HL’ error code. I have followed the steps I have found online - but to no avail. I have had an electrician test the pump, flow switch etc and everything seems fine. Even when the power was on - the bubble, filter and even the heater worked (wouldn’t warm the water but you could hear the pump working). Has anyone had this issue or know of how to repair it? I have ordered a new digital thermostat sensor to see if this is the issue. Thanks
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