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  1. I add MPS after every hot tub use and shut the cover right away? Is this likely to damage the cover versus shutting the cover later. I live in MN and can't imaging going back outside to shut the cover 15-30 minutes after using the hot tub in the winter. Thanks, Doug
  2. I have a vulcanized rubber mat in the bottom of my hot tub that makes the bottom non-slip that was installed by the previous owner. Will this leech chemicals into the hot tub that are bad for the hot tub or the people that use the hot tub. I would like to leave it in there but I don't want to cause problems for the people or the hot tub. Thanks, Doug
  3. Thanks for the clarification. What sanitizer do you recommend after bathers? Does Dichlor work well. If so, do you just recommend the typical amount specified on the bottle?
  4. I have a long (12" or so) crack in a manifold in my hot tub. Will Flex Seal or some other glue or product fix this? Or, does it just need to be replaced. --Doug
  5. With the Nature2, they recommend testing MPS before getting in, using MPS after each use, and using a Dichor when there are clear problems. (see attached directions). I've read a lot of articles that promote the use of Nature2 following this procedure OR keeping 0.5 Chlorine. Is there research or science to support the use of Nature2 in this way? Are folks having success with Nature2 and staying safe/healthy? Thanks, Doug Nature2 manual directions.pdf
  6. Can you temporally run a 50 amp hot tub (3 pump model) on a 40 amp breaker just to test the pumps, heaters, etc. temporarily just to test the spa. Would this risk damaging the spa OR would it be a potential safety issue OR would it just pop the breaker too quickly.
  7. I'm planning to use Nature2 or Clearwater Blue which requires only low levels of chlorine (.5 ppm). What is a good way to measure (test strips, etc.) that measure low levels of choline like in the .3 to 1.0 rang. --Doug
  8. Do you recommend Cleanwater Blue or Nature2 for Hot tub? Why? Thank you, Doug
  9. Do you recommend Cleanwater Blue or Nature2 for Hot tub? Why? Thank you, Doug
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