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  1. Sure, Let me see if the fourm will allow me to attach the file. Swift Current V2 Spa impeller replacement directions.pdf Message me again if the file is removed from the post.
  2. HI folks, Wow, I am happy that folks found the details interesting and hopefully helpful. I'm posting because today somebody reached out to me directly asking for the "pdf" of the instructions because the "ever-helpful" Canadian Spa Company took down the website with the directions. See attached file for a version of it I pulled from The Internet Archive (easier than trying to find a file I made a year ago. 😉) My story ended with the Swift Current V2 just as the winter was coming in. I ended up selling the spa after having replaced the impeller a few times and then developing a leak in the original pump unit around the heater core -- decided that this unit was simply too much work with too little support from the company. Also, for whatever reason, I was not getting email notifications that people were replying in this thread, so sorry for ignoring you all. Swift Current V2 Spa impeller replacement directions.pdf
  3. Let me know how it goes. I'll have to open the broken pump soon enough to repair it. But for now, I've got to track down a slow leak now... 🤦‍♂️
  4. Hey there, Yeah, it worked well for quite awhile, and then just in the last week the noise returned "buzzing" type of sound -- which i am guessing is vibration as the shaft wore down and allowed for the impeller to move laterally instead of just spinning. For the original impeller, the blades were no longer connected to the magnet. If yours is okay, then maybe just trying the fluval shaft to get you going will be enough -- or maybe find a non-reactive metal bar and cut it to length..
  5. Hello, I figured I would come back here and report progress. So today the replacement impeller bit the dust. I haven't opened it yet, but that's just a few months of use, not what I was hoping for. I will open the unit again soon and see what broke this time. If I had to guess, it will be the ceramic shaft that broke and I'm working that it might be as easy as finding a good metal shaft. So for everybody out there, the fluval shaft worked.. but you'll be using 3-4 of them a year... maybe $150-200 is acceptable, better than $800 for a pump unit every year, but still not the perfect solution. Having said that, if it is just the ceremic shaft that has warn, then you can buy that separately for $10 if I recall correctly -- so $40 a year in replacement shafts and the inconvenience of constant repair... All in all, if you plan to use this spa for years... well... don't..
  6. The cover provides a great deal of the insulation necessary so that your tub will stay warm. I dont know if your heater could or could not keep up with the heat loss; but it would be terribly inefficient if you didnt cover it, even if it could.
  7. I dont have a bestway spa, but this may help, a bit of google-fu. https://support.bestwayaftersales.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/E02-Error-Code-Troubleshooting.pdf
  8. Hi, I dont know anything about the bestway spas, but I found this on google.. maybe helpful:
  9. I do not have a Netspa Izy, but a Canadian Spa Compay Swift Current V2, but on my unit E5 means that an over-temperature condition has occured and tripped the unit to turn off. I would re-check your pipes and maybe your filter if it is integrated with your pump to see if you are actually getting water flow.. or as it's running check your jets. Having said that, it's brand new, maybe call the company or the retailer to ask.
  10. Hello all, I opened an account just to post this because after weeks of digging, I may have found my solution and wanted to share to help other owners. Symptoms: Loud grinding type noise from the PCU (Portable control unit), low water flow, and sometimes a over-temperature error. Cause: Broken magnetic impeller Repair: Purchase a Fluval 304/5 Impeller and replacement Ceramic Shaft from your local aquarium supply shop or commonly found on the internet Guide: https://support.canadianspacompany.com/en/support/solutions/articles/6000223884-v2-portable-control-unit-disassembly-guide-impeller-replacement Note: I have a PDF version of this guide, so if they take it offline, I can send it to you. Risk: This will void any warranty you may have, you will not get warranty on the fluval parts due to age, and while it is working in my spa, I dont have years to report that the part properly resists the chemicals and temperature. Your mileage may vary, follow these instructions at your own risk, dont blame me if this causes you to lose your house, your car and the rest of a country music song.. :-) Now the Story for those who care to read further: I own a Canadian Spa Company Swift current V2: https://canadianspacompany.ca/collections/portable-spas/products/swift-current-v2?variant=46038840199 and it is just under 1 year old. Recently it started to get quite loud with a grinding sound, and after calling Canadian Spa Company I was glad to hear my unit was still under warranty; however, they will not have replacement parts for at least another month from now. I also asked if they wanted the old unit back, no was the answer --- so I pulled out my handyman toolkit and started troubleshooting. I found that my impeller has broken away from the magnet and after trying several kinds of epoxy, i didnt find one that bonded well to the magnet and survived the chlorine and temperature, and after a bit of time, the bond always weakened and re-broke. I called back Canadian Spa Company and they do not sell impellers, but "helpfully" offered to replace my PCU at $800 or the pump unit (including the impeller) at $400. (both also currently out of stock) When I questioned spending $800 a year on a spa in repair parts, they "helpfully" offered to refund me my initial purchase price if I upgraded my unit to their next model. But do not sell common parts like impellers for that. I also could not find anybody else on any forum who found a successful replacement for the impeller, so i went on an adventure, and found that the Fluval 305 Impeller, visually, was a very close match to the original impeller I spent the $50 for the Impeller knowing that it might not work, but I had to know if i had a way to repair the PCU in the future. Sure enough, it has been running now for a week without issue, hoping that it keeps going as that would be a decent way to keep this spa running longer without the support of the manufacturer. thanks for reading and I hope this helps somebody else
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