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  1. Looks like someone's blown a load... Is it likely blown off bromine particles from the tablets as ive been using my slow dispenser to maintain constant bromine nr 6
  2. any ideas what this could be? Only appear when bubbles are on Using dichlor bleach method, all values nominal. Water 3weeks old
  3. Looking good after a week. Slight decrease in TA. Tds at 744ppm Seem to be getting the slow dispenser dialled in nicely to save me having to add sodium hypochloride every day. A little on the high side at the moment for the setting and the bromine level so I'm reducing the setting on the dispenser to lower that. Roll on the next drain and refill as i want to ahhsome the tub once more as I still think there is biofilm in this tub. Cheers as always
  4. Is it normal for your TA any Calcium to drop through the floor?
  5. True on the pipe thing. Added so far- 31g Bromine Granules 65g PH- 480g calcium chloride dihydrate (calcium flakes)
  6. I do listen you know lol. Im wondering why its so high with very little chemicals or usage.
  7. Question again. My TDS is at 605 and I've not stepped foot in the tub, could this be excess remains from the previous ahhsome, drain and refill? Is it the fact my TDS pen is a cheap piece of crap? Should I get one of the HM Digital ones? At fill the TDS is 255 from the tap.
  8. Looks good. Almost 13hours later Result 7.9 Before 9.6 Burnoff 1.7 in near 13hours So 24hours will be around 3.4per24hours I expect which I can handle until next drain, ahhsome and refill. Yay! Thankyou so much for your tutoring sir.
  9. awfully odd mate. Ill keep it in mind for a later date when I understand that side better I think. I want to home in the bleach method and get rid of all those nasties. Ill do some further homework on minerals to see if it fits my bank lol Cheers as always sir
  10. I know weird right. Ill keep away from minerals with the bromine then and utilize the ahhsome on drain and refills. These are the granules I'm using to start the tub. Labelled as bromine granules but consist of - Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate - which I assume is CYA + Chlorine to oxidize the below bromide Sodium Bromide - for my bank to be activated by bleach. Cheers
  11. Lol! I think my tester is having me on! Bromine now apparently at 11.4, maybe the test this morning was not correct, it did seem odd. Let's restart the clock 21.17 Br @ 11.4
  12. So confused. I read another website and it says its a complete replacement to bromine which I know is not true through learning on this forum. How do people get away with misleading information like this? https://www.poolandspa.com/page835.htm#:~:text=The natural alternative to chlorine,safe and odor-free environment.&text=your water is percolated through,your spa to control bacteria.
  13. Some people talking about it here too, is it all bogus? - https://www.whatsthebest-hottub.com/forum/index.php?topic=15331.0
  14. I want 30ppm CYA for the bleach method no? I'm getting CYA through my dichlor doses. Reading the instruction from Nature2 they say they don't recommend usage with bromine products? nature2spa-manual (1).pdf
  15. Aye, i have a timer set for 21.19 tonight to check 12hours later since this AM, fingers crossed I guess. Might need some more ahh-some treatment on next drain potentially. I'll get my CYA up, switch to bleach and then coincide it with the bromine tablets in slow dispenser for a few weeks should it be burning off too quick. At least I'm in a good place now i feel anyway. I'd like to get one of those mineral dispensers in my filter but the nature 2 is not recommended on the bromine setup and I'm not sure if the frog ones will fit in my filter.
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