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  1. Pump 2 does work now. I did redo the wiring. I got in it last night for the first time in months. I can’t say thank you enough to you CanadianSpaTech and RDSpaguy for helping me get my hot tub fixed and back up and running. Thank you thank you 😊
  2. Switched the 4 wire to blower and the W4 and W2 are on white and W1 and W7 are on red.
  3. I hate to ask this question but how do I unhook the W7 from white AC to connect to red AC
  4. Hi CanadianSpaTech I did everything. The 4 wire plug in J50 goes to pump #2. I think I should move it over to the right Of J50 so it’s the blower because the wires go to my extra pump.
  5. CanadianSpa Tech it took hours to over heat the first time I turned it on. RDspaguy it is a new system I had talked to you a few months ago and had ordered it. Took me a while to finally finish hooking it up. sorry it has taken so long to post pictures I have been crazy at work.
  6. I did the whole circuit board. I will take some pictures tonight when I get from work. I did fill it up with cold water but the first time I did it the hot tub overheated. I turned everything off opened the cover then a few days later I turned it back on and due to the fact that I’m in the south and it’s been so hot I had the temp set at 86 or 85 as low as it would go and that is when it just kept climbing and the lC code came up. Right now it is still turned off. Thank you for your help.
  7. Hi does anyone know what code lC stands for. I switched out my main board and the first time I restarted everything it overheated. Turned off and back on and it was heating above the temp I had set. Now it shows a code pr( which is prime if I’m not mistaking) and shows lC. Please help.
  8. I replaced the main board or guts in my hot tub. Now I have a code showing that is lC do not know what that is if anyone can help. my hot tub is heating up but going over the temp that I have set. Also one of my pumps does not want to click on, it did when I first finished changing the stuff but now it won’t. Please help
  9. Hi I have got new parts for my hot tub and I am hoping the SPAGUY will see this. First off should I empty the water before changing out the electrical parts with heater.
  10. Hi RDspaguy, I got my new stuff in for the hot tub. Any pointers you can give me. I am going to get everything together.
  11. Got it all ordered. Thank you so much for your help today
  12. Thank you, ill change that and get it ordered
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