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  1. So today I poured some soapy water down the conduit. I gave the wire several good jerks and it came free. Pulled it out with some wax string tied to the end. That turned out to be the easy part. My 9 year old son and I then managed to inch the new wire back through one inch at a time for 600 inches. But we made it! New light installed and functional! Thanks for your help!
  2. Unofortunately it is solid concrete slab obove that bend. No access point. That would be nice if I could get to it.
  3. Here is a photo of the buried conduit. Its funny how no matter how many photos you take you always wish you had taken more... There is no junction box at the pool deck, the conduit goes directly to the main pool control box and comes in from the bottom, below the timers. I misspoke about the color of the conduit. I mean the actual wire itself. It is grey at the light, but it is black where it comes out in the control box. This J-loop in the conduit looks like a great place to suspect a snag form friction. I honestly wonder if my other repair guy ever replaced that Jandy light or if he just replace some guts inside it. I was never home when he did it. The "nut" I was talking about is visible on the bottom photo above. The one of the niche overall view. You can see the black hexagon shape at the end of the conduit that terminates in the niche. You cannot see it in the top photos because I had backed it off. It seems to do nothing. its not tight. It doesnt hold anything that i can tell. Its just there.... Thanks again.
  4. Hello all. This is my first port here, so hello. My pool was built in 2014. I am on my 3rd Jandy watercolors lamp and it died this spring. I've been paying the pool company to replace it each time. This thing is junk - I'm not paying for another. I decided to replace with an amerlite housing and a screw in LED. Anyway, I have traced all my wiring and it's pretty straight forward. But when I go to pull the wire out on the pool side it is totally stuck. This tool me by surprise but I've been reading this is pretty common and I read some tricks to free it. But I cant find any info on my niche. It is a Jandy PLNICLRG niche. There is a plastic nut that screws on the end of the conduit but I have no idea what its use is. Anyway I want to make sure I am not missing something simple that is specific to this kind of niche? Does the ground just have to come off to free up anything? I've seen lots of posts saying you need to pull that wire out first to make room. It seems to be stuck just an inch or two inside the conduit, as I cannot push it in hardly at all before it kinks Oh. And on other wierd thing I noticed, the conduit is grey where it enters the niche but its standard black conduit at the electric box where it comes out. Maybe this light has an extra sleeve over the first few feet? Hopefully the guy that replaced it before didnt do anything wierd. Thanks for any advice.
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