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  1. Update:my pool is 30,000 gallons, I added 24oz per recommendation of the label, went to bed, I woke up 12 hours later to find that the shallow end of my pool was now clear that I could see the bottom well, but the deep end of my pool went from milky to hazy and I could barely see the bottom, i wait another 6 hours check again and it looks the same. I don’t know if the flocculant has worked to its fullest potential yet, my question is should I wait till the morning vacuum it out and pour another bottle or should I add the bottle now on top of the flock I had added 18 hours ago.
  2. hi,I recently moved into a home with a pool of 30,000 gallons, I’ve done my fair share of research bought all the chemicals and so forth, I superclorinated the pool when I first moved in with about 25 gallons of liquid chlorine which killed the algae in the pool And turn it from dark green to a navy blue, I excessively brushed and manually vacuumed my pool but the water remained very murky, i waited till my chlorine levels drop to nearly 0 and balanced my ph and alkalinity then added about 3 pounds of shock to raise my chlorine levels back to 2-3ppm tonight, I will be adding flocculent in the
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