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  1. @CanadianSpaTech Where the heck do you live? I'm about 60 miles north of LA, and I have a Lowes and Home Depot near me. I know you are in Canada, but does Amazon not deliver to your address? Sometimes the big box stores don't have what I need, so I order stuff from Amazon. I'm just curious.
  2. Last night I used primer and glue with the jets on and the air off as @RDspaguy suggested. I had watched some Youtube videos of a guy showing how that can work since its sucking the glue into the hole. Seems to have worked. No water this morning. I'll probably put another coat on for good measure and give it the weekend before I close everything back up to make sure. I looked at some threads on here about putting new foam in there. I think I'll just leave it be... Ordered a new cover that wont be in till June. Next step, repair and paint the cabinet. This thing has been a lot of wo
  3. Hi! I'm back again with what is now my hot tub restoration at this point. I dug out a small leak in my hot tub and found that a connection on one of the PVC air manifolds. I want to avoid replacing the manifolds if I can because I think I'd end up needing to replace all of the tubing as well since they are pretty stiff from age. First I'm going to try PVC primer and glue on the outside. If that doesn't work I ordered some JB water weld that I'm going to give a shot. If neither of those fixes work, I suppose I'll have to replace the manifold and the tubing. Does anyone have experience with an e
  4. Thats pretty cool stuff. I would have to be sealed really well for outdoor use though.
  5. Cool, that's a good idea. I'll give that a shot if I can't get the direct replacement.
  6. @castletonia Cool, thanks for that info. I sent them an email.
  7. One of the corner panels on my cabinet is broken. I can't seem to find that specific part for my hot tub to replace since its discontinued (2004 LA Spas HEET). Does anyone possibly know how I could make one, or some other solution?
  8. So I "finessed" the flow switch ever so slightly to reduce the cap. And it really was very little, and now everything seems to be working. The circ pump now is closing the switch when its running on its own. I have the Ahh-some stuff coming in today, so I'll run that stuff through it this weekend. That stuff seems like its amazing, and I'm extremely interested to see what comes out of my tub (ewww). I read another forum post where you guys talked about covers, so I just emailed a couple of online suppliers to see who has a better price. This hot tub is a little odd since it has speakers
  9. @CanadianSpaTech, I was thinking along those same lines. I'll put that switch out and see what I can do about it. I'll get rid of the pillows and see about getting some of that cleaner you mentioned. Side note, is there any stand out good place to get a new cover from? Mine is shot and shedding stuff in the water that I'm sure is also contributing to reduced flow.
  10. Can I safely switch the jumpers to the no CP setting without disconnecting the CR? I assume that it would change the signals coming off the board and not engage the circ pump. I could even unplug it from the board for good measure. Just so I can check it out before I have the time to pull the pump out and give it a lookyloo. So I did that while the kids were preoccupied with bath time. It did its pump purging cycle and then dropped down to P1 at low speed to reach the set point as it should with the no circ pump setting. But the flow switch was still not closing and thus the 3 lig
  11. I'll check the pumps when I get another chance. Probably this weekend. I feel like there is something clogging the line for the CP given what's going on. I'll pull the heater off and see if I can find anything lodged in there, or maybe in the pump. Here is a pic of all the equipment. Sorry, its dark when I get home. Can I safely switch the jumpers to the no CP setting without disconnecting the CR? I assume that it would change the signals coming off the board and not engage the circ pump. I could even unplug it from the board for good measure. Just so I can check it out before I ha
  12. Well, its heating and pumping, but its still throwing the 3 light trouble code on the topside and shutting down after a while. Man, I'd really like to get this fixed.
  13. Touché. I figured the same thing. I did take it out previously to test it while the board was out getting checked out. I thought it might be a possibility that I had bent it the wrong way when I did that, but its not likely. On a positive note though, I went and reset the hot tub and went through the programming for the filter cycles as layed out in the manual, and it seems to be working better now. Its at 80 degrees now. Started at 54 this morning. So its heating. After setting the filter cycle programming, P1 is staying on in low speed and the flow switch is closed. I don't know if it maybe
  14. Interesting question. It does not. It will only fully close if I either have P1 on high, or it also closes if I have P1 on low, and the P2 and 3 on. At risk of asking a dumb question; is it possible to pull out the flow switch and bend it a little bit so that the pressure from the circ pump will close it? Also, as a piece of probably irrelevant info, I do not have the OZ hooked up since that went bad. I let the intake tube for that suck up and fill with water then plugged it.
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