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  1. I'll fill it up again and take a look. Wouldn't I expect the water to continuously drain lower though than stay at the same level it gets to now?
  2. The plan was to replace it actually. Also The skimmer "door" doesn't slide very well anymore and often gets stuck. For some reason I thought I might be able to replace it from where I could access it, without having to get to the "outside" of the shell. The spa is raised from the ground so it's a bit higher than the pool equipment. It's entirely encased in stone pavers, so there's absolutely no way to tell if the ground is wet or not. Digging it out and replacing it would be quite a job. I don't do paver work, but my understanding is you usually can't pull them from the middle, got to com
  3. I'm the new owner of a visibly older in-ground hot tub, has pool pump and filter plumbing. It was fine for a few months until we started getting rapid water loss whenever it ran. I got some leak company to come out and they claimed to have found one of the jets was leaking and patched it up. They said it was a patch job and should be replaced soon. Turns out it's not this jet. The water level drops to the same spot every time at the bottom of the skimmer. I'm pretty sure the leak is there, probably bad gasket or just deteriorating plastic. I've contacted a handful of Spa repair companies
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