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  1. Hi All! Is any air supposed to come out of one of the, I call them circulation jets, that are on the side underneath the lounger during circulation and heating (no air,) and when the jets are on with no air? We purchased a used 2013 Calspa ( I think it's an Envoy) from a dealer seven months ago. After a couple of months we noticed that one of the diverters wasn't working well to divert to the cool-off seat side. (It took a couple of months to notice because I did three cleanings/water changes with ahhsome before we started getting in it.) A tech from the store came out and replaced the diverter and redid some plumbing that was not correct. Everything seems to be working well now, but I don't recall air coming out of that jet (when no air is on) before the repair. Not 100% sure, though. Thanks for any help. Picture is during circulation cycle.
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