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  1. I was gifted a 4 person ez-spa by Dream Maker, it is a little bit older and has been sitting for a couple of years without running. We cleaned it up really nice and plugged it in for a test drive and it kept tripping the breaker. After watching a few videos on you tube, and by the looks of it, I believe I need a new pump. My question is, does this type of spa require a heating element/sensor or does it require a heating pump? This is what everything looks like. It appears to me that there is not an additional heating element, just the pump, but when I look at the control panel, the circuit for OZONE is missing. So, I am left wondering if this a missing part or if all I need to do is replace the pump and that's what would control the heating of the spa as well. What do I need to buy? I've looked up several pumps but am confused on what would work best for this model of spa. Any advice would help, I am just trying to figure out how to get this spa up and running so I can enjoy it!!
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