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  1. Thanks very much - that is very helpful. I will absorb everything you have suggested and let you know. They don;t seem to peirce into a ring main - rather they are appear to be plugged into little routing boxes - which then route away back to the power. ( Lots of them on each section about a foot away from the lights. Yes - all the non functioning lights are in the same area. I have continued researching and think they may be on a thing called a Sloan Harness ?? - certainly looks similar to this when I looked on the internet. I'm in London - but they seem to be available over here. But at le
  2. We bought this Clearwater Hot Tub 10 years ago but the dealer has long since gone out of business. It has been very good - just had to replace one pump so far. We have 2 bulb problems I can't work out - so any suggestions welcome. Problem - All of the small round LED twinkling mood lights on one of the waterfalls have suddenly failed and also behind two of the Pillow positions. Is this likely to be a general fuse problem or a transformer problem, or just a set of bulbs? I have assumed they are all connected together and not zoned. The other waterfall lights are fine as are the other li
  3. Thats for all your help - I now have all I need to proceed. You are all very knowledgeable. Good luck and stay safe. ✋ Cheers Brian
  4. Thanks all - very helpful. Dear Spa Guru - I now understand what you say regarding the 50 or 60hz and that makes sense - thank you. That is one problem solved! As to union sizes, there is a clearly marked 2 inch gate valve beside the pump inlet ( which I shut off) and which I just assumed was the pipe size. I have just measured the EXTERNAL diameter of the Pump thread carefully and it measures 2 & 3/8" inches in diameter. Does that confirm I need a 1 1/5 inch pump fitting? If so, then if I understand correctly, I probably need a single speed circulation pump with 1 & 1/2 in
  5. Thanks - I could be wrong of course, but the RPM range suggests it's 2 speed. I have e-mailed Clearwater three times but no reply.... I should probably call them. Once I understand the amperage situation I can contact Waterway or whoever to obtain the right spec.
  6. We live in England & inherited a 13 year old Clearwater Beechcraft Spa when we moved in 8 years ago. I am a private individual, but due to Coronavirus, I can’t get a professional Hot Tub engineer to visit. So I’m hoping I can get some help. The circulation pump is an EMG ( Italian) pump and is now leaking between the wet and motor side and it is almost certainly the seal. I have removed the pump and it is very calcified, rusted and generally in poor condition. I am unable to remove the shaft to see if I could replace the seal and have given up. I suspect the pump needs replacing anyway. I
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