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  1. I don't want to mess about with it to be honest. I cancelled the Hot Tub repair guy today as I have run it for a week on STD with no issues. It only goes wrong on ECN mode so I just wont use ECN. This might be the beginning of some sort of failure that will spread to other modes, I'll call the repair guys out when its happening all the time. thanks
  2. Sure its a MasterSPA Twilight TS 8.3, picture attached. For what it's worth I think MasterSPA guy is talking rubbish as I have run it in ECN mode for 5 years......I have bought new filters now though!
  3. Yes - The SPA is working perfectly in STD mode. If I could pre programme when the filtration cycles run I would be happy. But in STD mode they run whenever they want, the SPA is right by our house so this is an irritation in the middle of the night or early in the mornings. I might just have to live with it.
  4. To add. a little colour to this. I pinged MasterSPA USA a mail with the symptoms I am seeing. Their response was as follows - -------------------------- Hello, Leaving the spa in the ECN mode can result in flow related error messages due to the spa not running and checking for temp. We do recommend leaving the spa in the STD mode. Thank You Ryan Hill Customer Service ----------------------- Strange as I have always used the SPA in ECN mode...
  5. So I decided to try the no filters approach yesterday and overnight. I woke up this morning to a "dr" error code, which by all accounts means - "Persistent low flow problems. (Displays on the fifth occurrence of the HFL message within 24 hours.) Heater is shut down, but other spa functions continue to run." I wonder if this means that my circulation pump is not working correctly.... I have the hot tub repairer coming out on Tuesday. I am bracing myself for the cost! 😞 although from reading up about not changing filters I wonder if 7 years with the same filters might destroy a circul
  6. I'm just testing now with no filters at all. Question - is my hot tub unusual that a set of filters are so expensive? or are they all like that?
  7. My filters must be 7 years old - I have 2 sets I rotate. Is it time for new one? a set is about £150 so not terribly cheap....
  8. So I have tried a few things here. FIrstly I removed the larger of the two filters and restarted the tub on the ECN mode. After 10 mins it went into OHH mode. I replaced the filters with clean ones and kept the tub on STD mode all day - seemed fine. At 8PM i flipped it back to ECN (economy) it cleaned and heated for 2 hours no problem. Then at 8 am the next morning I heard it come on for 5 minutes then it stopped - back with the OHH error. Is this likely to be a new circulation pump?
  9. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I have a MasterSPA Twilight Series 8.3 Hotub that is 8 years old. This year when I filled it I got an OHH error and the water got very hot (42?) after this I opened all the jets and it seemed fine. Now I have noticed that I get the error when I keep the tub on economy mode (basically so it comes on for 2 x 2 hr stints getting the water to 37 degrees) so this morning I woke up to the OHH error and yet it seems to have heated the tub to 37 as it should. Any advice here? it doesnt seem to happen when it on standard mode (coming on little and often rather
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