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  1. However, I am not wondering about power fluctuations. I think we lost power around this time which I guess would explain this instance. Does it make sense that it would reset to 0% if we lose power? Should there be a way to have it retain its setting if we regain power? Note that we do not lose power that often, so I'm not sure this is the full explanation, just thinking aloud.
  2. Unfortunately I do not think it is related to a timer. I would expect it to be reset on a regular basis if that was the case. For instance, it looks like my pool company last noticed it was set to 0% on April 7, and I just checked and 20 days later it is still where I reset it. However, sometimes it will happen a couple times in a week.
  3. Let me try to answer given I'm not super familiar with these systems. It appears to be an AquaPure PLC1400 controlled by a AquaLink RS PureLink system. I can see/set that AquaPure percentage from the control panel, and also through the iAquaLink app or over the web. I believe there is one circuit heading into the control box, and that is further separated into 3 circuits, one that feeds the filter pump, one that feeds the pool lights and some outdoor receptacles, and one that feeds the control panel. Let me know if that answers the questions or if you need any more information. I also took some pics. Thank you!
  4. My AquaPure periodically decides to reset to zero (0%). There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason to when it happens, sometimes it will be fine for a few weeks, sometimes it will reset to 0% every couple days. My service company has not had any luck figuring it out, was hoping that someone may have encountered this before or have some ideas. Thanks in advance!
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