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  1. RD- Thing is, the old pump which I thought was shot is actually fine, I jumped it with an extension cord and it works. And the 3 wires that goto the control panel are right, white to white, black to black, green to green. Do the pumps have relays or something that could have gone wrong/burned up on the board?
  2. I have a 2000 Hot Springs Landmark hot tub and when I select the pump button only one pump turns on, (even if I push the other button only one of the pumps runs). I thought it was a bad pump and replaced it but it still does not work, (I know there is power to it). I have upgraded from the 2000 circuit box to the newer style 2020 box, (purchased a used unit). Any thoughts?
  3. I recently was given a 2000 Hot Springs Landmark hot tub. Just wired it as per the owners manual, all new wiring, circuit breakers, etc. Turned on the various breakers (50 amp dual pole no GFCI on main panel), the 20 & 30 amp GFCI breakers on the sub panel and nothing is lighting up/nothin on the display panel. There is power going to the tub but it seems to not be making it to the display board. HELP!
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