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  1. Well thought I'd follow up on this, better late than never. So the pump was shutting off after a period of time, and the FLO error was the result of this. I opened the spa pack and was lucky enough to see some overheating damage one of the cube relays. There's a 2nd identical relay that is used for 2 pump spas, so I took it off and replaced the melted one and that solved my problem. Needed to be handy with a solder iron but not overly difficult
  2. Filters are out. No the pump is not overheating. That was my first thought but was not the case.
  3. Thanks for that link. I've been thru that guide before. Looking for some advice though. 1. Of course the pump needs to be running to have flow. However, does a low flow co edition shutoff the pump? The guide lacks details. Like I said, the pump runs for extended periods with no issues. Then it will shutoff and a second or 2 later the FLO code appears. But, is the pump stopping because of the low flow condition, or is the pump stopping causing the low flow? The reason I care is that the last 2 steps are replace the heater and replace the spa pack. The sensor is probably
  4. Hi, I have rotospa that has been giving me troubles. It would intermittently stop pumping, and a few seconds later display FLO on the panel. Unplug and plug back in resets it, and it would be good for a while. Since the pump stopped first, I suspect it might be thermal in the motor so I replaced the whole pump. Didnt fix it. I pulled the heater assembly out to get a better look at the flow sensor, and this one has the in.flow sensor that I'm not sure how it works. There 3 wires, and it just sits on the tube, with nothing in the stream. I pulled it off, and tried pulling some o rin
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