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  1. No. I actually never did the current draw test. I agree, it could happen again, but it's cheaper and faster to switch the smaller relay first and see what happens. Granted, it's not great when you replace the wrong ones first, but hey, still feel pretty good about the money spend up to this point. Particularly comparing the alternative. I bought the relay off Amazon, as it was the only place I could find at that point with 1 in stock in US without having to buy like 500 of them. I paid around $20 for it, which was crazy high, but again, I didn't like the idea of waiting for a relay from C
  2. I think I have the exact answer you are looking for. As you remember, I was in the same situation as you. Replaced 3 large relays and worked only for a short time, then same issue. Then, instead of relying on the feedback here that it was one of the 3 relays, I had the same guy that replaced all 3 larger relays run test on the board after it happened again, and as it turn out, it was the smaller K4 relay (See schematic earlier in this thread) that was the culprit. NOT the larger relays! I was unable to find the exact same relay (Zettler AZ762-1A-12DE), however bought a relay whi
  3. I am contemplating replacing the pump, however I would love if I could confirm that it is drawing too many amps. Is this an easy test? Especially since the relay is stuck? Assuming I would use a voltmeter, what is too many amps, and what is the procedure?
  4. OK. So, it happened again. After having worked without any issues for a while, the same problem came back...... What are the odds that the new relay failed that fast? Also, if the relay didn't just fail on its own, what could make it fail prematurely?
  5. Hey Quick update! I had all the relays replaced. I installed the board back and the spa runs like a champ again. Thanks all.
  6. Yes, you're right. Better do it right the first time. I have bought 5 new relays, but can't find the 1 small relay in the States.
  7. OK, pulled the board today, but the board looks great on the back. I really wish I knew which relay to replace. I would hate to replace 5 if not necessary. Does anyone have an idea of how to find out which relay is effected.
  8. Thanks. I'm unsure what you mean by 2 K5 relays? You mean K5 and K6? Probably not a bad idea about getting a pro to do it. I should be able to find someone in my area that can solder boards at a reasonable price. The relays are cheap.
  9. Sorry, couldn't find a way to edit this post, but although this is not exactly the same spa pack, it's exactly the same issue. There is even a video. I'm having exactly the same issue. https://support.canadianspacompany.com/en/support/solutions/articles/6000218803-relay-issue-diagnose-test-for-balboa-bp501-system-
  10. I have a Strong Spa with a Balboa Control Pack (1500) , and It intermittently started not wanting to activate the high speed on my pump. Now it's constant. I makes a weird noise and shuts down the pump completely when I try to engage high speed. I will then come on in low speed a few minutes later. First I thought it was a bad pump, but after having researched a little, I have found out that I have a stuck relay for the pump. It's a 2 speed pump, and it's constantly running on speed 1. The jet diode is not even on, and I'm unable to switch to high speed. Instead of buying a new control board,
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