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  1. I was measuring heater terminal to heater tube which is connected to the case and green wire.  3.1M Ohms.  So this means there will be some leakage current (240VAC / 3.1M) = .070mA  which I don't think should trip the GFCI.  But you're saying this is too high, and there probably worn insulation or scale built up, and I should replace the heater? 

    Maybe its a waste, but I'll see what happens when the new GFCI gets here.

  2. Its running again after disconnecting the heater.  GFCI doesn't blow anymore.  I plugged in the heater separately to a 120VAC, GFCI enabled cord, and no issue.  I measured resistance from each heater terminal to earth, and it's 3.1M ohms.  So I think I have an overactive GFCI, and I'll be replacing it with a 2Pole 50A Breaker with built in GFCI.  I think my heater is ok.

    Let me know if there are any flaws in my logic, now back to troubleshooting the jets...stay tuned...lol


  3. It might have been leaking last year and I didn't notice.  I'll try this once I get it running.  The GFCI is still tripping immediately.  What is the best way to troubleshoot it, I've removed almost everything I can unplug.  Last is the heater.   I doubt its the GFCI itself, but I could try replacing that.  I haven't been able to find the rectangular kind online anywhere.  What should I search for?

    Thanks for all the help.

    IMG_20200411_185501 (Small).jpg

  4. Well right now it immediately blows the GFCI, even if all pumps are unplugged, potentially because of the moisture.  I'm drying everything out and then I'll check the jets are working.  So if a jet is plugged, it might cause backup of the water into the air control valve?  The previous owner had 2 of the jets on that side removed. Would removing some jets fix the problem? I bought replacement jets to replace the ones that were removed at the end of last season, but I didn't notice any leaking then.


  5. Water started leaking from the air control valve.  It leaks more or less depending on where I position the setting, but can't get it to go away completely.  I'm not even sure if water or just air is supposed to be in this area.  Nothing has changed except I unplugged the ozone, and pump #2 because I'm troubleshooting the GFCI intermittently blowing, but that seems unrelated.   If I don't care about air in the jets, is it ok to just cut the hose and cap it off?  New ones aren't that expensive, just don't know if that will fix my issue or not.

    Here's a link to the replacement part:




    1 (Small).jpg

    3 (Small).jpg

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    IMG_20200410_184528 (Small).jpg

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