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  1. I have been having some water loss issues in my hot tub so i went and sealed up some of the jets that i assumed were causing my problems. I've filled up the tub and as soon as I turned on the pump on water started spewing out of this little hole with a grill on it. The hot tub is a Beachcomber, any idea what this is connected to? It isn't the drain because i have a separate hose that comes out for this , i thought it was an overflow in case the pump leaked water would have a place to drain into but I wasn't expecting to see water come out of it???
  2. Just went out and checked on'er , still running in circ mode and she's gone up 2 deg. Looks like we're in business. Thanks for taking your time to help me gents, really appreciate it!
  3. I did the memory reset several times today prior to that, the different step was turning off DS5 and turning on DS7 . Which is odd because like I said we've been using the hot tub for the last month no issue until a power reset today and DS5 OFF is for 1spd pump and DS7 ON is STD mode only according to the manual
  4. Ok , just did this , off the bat low speed is kicked on. Button configuration is mixed up - temp down is third button temp up is fourth button, first button engages high speed jets and second button now does the light. I'll leave it be for awhile , see if it gets to temp , I can deal with mixed up buttons if this works lol
  5. Just stepped out but the topside is an ET-30 https://images.app.goo.gl/guknBLUvF8ZkJoPBA From what I've seen A2 just reverses the orientation of the buttons on the topside panel
  6. Just flipped on dipswitch 9 did a reset and I get functionality of Circ/High speed/Off . so pump works , touch panel works but this still won't get the heater element relay to tell the circ mode to turn on. Turned dipswitch 9 back off , reset board , start it up after 4 minute prime , high speed kicks on automatically runs for about 30 seconds shuts off reads temperature and a few seconds later HL error came up and went back to displaying temperature - jets button gives me High Speed/Off no low speed
  7. So i snugged up the main incoming power lines , no change. I checked the white connector , everything seems snug there, making full contact. Testing the back of the male connector gets me 180-190V on all 3 wires - pressing the button doesn't change this. The touchpad doesn't seem to give the option for hi/low speed at this point it's on/off . Another interesting thing i've noticed is i'm no longer getting a dr error code, if i look at the temperature on the control panel it reads the set point temperature (102) , if i turn the jets on that temperature drops down to it
  8. Thanks , appreciate the response i will try these suggestions.
  9. Sorry for the lack of response, the hot tub ended up working for the last month , and I wish i knew how because i turned off the power to clean my filter turned it back on and it's back to doing the exact same thing. https://ibb.co/LZPcsTR https://ibb.co/WxfF4pF Here are a couple photos , one shows the board the other shows the dip switches. Nothing was changed on the board since I turned off the power and put it back on. This things driving me nuts as it doesn't make any sense.
  10. Thanks for the response! I've gone over all the wiring back and forth repeatedly to ensure everything is as it should be. The board is the OEM replacement for the one I had. For the dip switches the configuration copied from the old board had "Mini Panel - ON", "Two-Speed Pump 1 - ON" and "Standard Mode Only - ON" When running in this configuration the pump runs only on one speed and i get the "dr" error when the unit tries to heat and circulate I then tried running with an additional dip switch for "24 Hour Circ Pump with 3degF shut off - ON", this actually allowed me
  11. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have a Beachcomber Hot Tub with the SST-10 spa pack (Balboa VS500z control board) I've just replaced my control board , matched up wiring and dip settings according to my previous board and I cannot get the low speed of my pump to kick in which is triggering a "dr" error when the unit wants to circulate water. The pump is operating on high speed no problem, I cannot figure out what the heck is going on, I've tried making a few adjustments on the dip switches which just end up making the pump not respond at all. Any suggestions??
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