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  1. 20 hours ago, kkrug1 said:

    #2 pump-$1300

    WOW...$1300 for a $300 pump installed... I have to raise my prices. Google "XP2 pump" and match up single speed or 2 speed as well as the wet end offset. Post photo of the pumps wet end and the white tag on the motor if unsure . Disconnect the #2 pump and test for power coming off the board to verify it is a pump issue not a board issue. 

    20 hours ago, kkrug1 said:

    We don't use the jets much and so I can live with that

    Water and in turn chemicals not circulating through the unused jets will sit in the lines go stagnate and get funky over time. You need to have chemicals and flow through all the jets to maintain a healthy spa.

    Make sure the topside flat wire connections are all pushed firmly in the holder and none of the leads got pulled out and are no longer making contact with the pins coming off the board.


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  2. 2 hours ago, Jmoore3030 said:

    Doesn’t trip the GFCI Spa Pack, doesn’t trip the 40amp supply, doesn’t trip the 100amp main in the sub panel, trips the 100 amp in the main house panel.

    I'd be checking all the wire connections and make sure there is nothing loose. Had a spa this week that would run for 5, 10 sometimes 20 mins then trip. Turned out one of the hot connection from the spa into the GFCI was loose and overheating.

    Let us know what you find

  3. So it's not tripping the GFCI but the main house power?

    Start by disconnecting anything not required from the spa... ozone, stereo power supply, pump 2, blower and pump 1 if the spa uses a circulation pump and try to run it and see if it holds. If it holds start reconnecting things one at a time until it trips again. If it is still tripping disconnect the heater from the circuit board and try it again.

    Post photos of the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover if there is one so we can see how it looks and is wired.

  4. Post photos of the circuit board and schematic on the inside cover.

    Post photo of the topside and the numbers on the white tag on the underside of it. Did you buy the topside with the spa pack or are you reusing what was already there. If they were bought/installed separately Are you 100% certain they are compatible?

    What is the filter cycle duration currently set at?

    On start up there is a sequence of 3 sets of numbers. What are those numbers. The second set should be "12" for 120V and "24" for 240V. 

    A5 down and A9 up will be a 15 min run time if left unattended.

    Re: A7 Off will enable Standard mode, Economy Mode and Sleep modes.

    Re: A6.. On= 50HZ Europe off = 60HZ North America...Where are you located?


    Click the link for VS100 technical data sheet as well as the GS Sell sheet


  5. 10 minutes ago, jdw1222 said:

    SO what's bets option and how do I ensure this doesn't happen again? 

    Heater relays fail. Some last a lifetime some don't. Some just burn up inside itself others fail on a grand scale like yours did. 


    13 minutes ago, jdw1222 said:

    Should I look into spaguts and swap out the unit?

    Just the board. Heater is likely still fine.

    My electronics guy has made this repair in the past on unavailable/discontinued boards for me. He takes a section from a different board and glues it in but he really is good at what he does and it is only done in cases where there are no other options. The repair cost for this can be close to buying new. 


  6. Balboa M7 Technology does not use a pressure switch or flow switch. The 2 sensors one one each end of the heater tube detect flow and temp. Disconnect the copper tabs from the heater element and lift them up so they don't touch anything and then test for 240V at the copper tabs. If you get 240V when the heat light is solid and not flickering with the heat related pump running as it should and flowing water then replace the element. If you do not get 240V then you have an issue on the circuit board and likely a blown/burnt relay. Remove the board and have a look on the back for burnt or darkened areas. 


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  7. Mildly Confused... does the spa have a circulation pump or does it heat and filter using pump 1 running on low speed. If it has a circulation pump then running the pump on high and getting heat makes no sense. They would be plumed on separate lines. When you power up the spa without touching any buttons what happens? Does pump 1 start up and run in low speed or does a circulation pump start up and run? (main pumps might turn on and run for a couple of mins... but after that what happens) Are there any error codes that show up? 3 tiny dots in between the temp numbers? Does the heat light flicker and then go solid? Once it goes solid do you have 240V at the heater? I normally disconnect the heater and follow the power from the circuit board through the hi limit thermal fuse disc to the heater for 240V if I have 240V getting all the way to the heater but the spa is still not heating then I replace the heater element. If the power stops at one side of the hi limit thermal disc then I replace that.

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