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  1. Hello all! I didn't get any responses on my last post so am trying again as I have now troubleshooted a bit further. I have a mid-2000s model Hot Springs Vanguard. Everything is working except I cannot get the heat to rise above 98 degrees, even when set to 104. Here is what has been tried thus far: New circulation pump New GFCI 20 amp breaker installed New heater - Note: I had to jump the pressure switch on the board because the new heater does not have the external cord that runs to the circ board Disconnected Ozonator from Circ board (Line was cut prior to me purchasing the house with said hot tub) No visible damage to circ board - removed and checked for the infamous burns on the back Recently re-wired to match the manual (IE: heater is hooked to the 30amp and pumps hooked to the 20 amp) I mention this because previously, they were reversed. The hot tub would get to temp fine then but would constantly flip the breaker. Once I determined it was wired backwards I switched everything according to the manual. I have tried flipping both the 20 and 30amp breakers on at the same time as well as turning the 20 on first and then the 30 (per the manual). Heat time is much slower now (previously would come to temp from ice cold to 104 in about 8 hours); Now it takes around 24 hours but still will not go past 98 degrees. Any thoughts? ideas? Note that the pressure switch jump worked fine when the wiring was reversed so I am not sure if this is related to this issue or not. I am rural and getting someone out to service is next to impossible! Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone! After reading what seems like EVERY single blog/forum/post on the internet and getting nowhere I have finally accepted my defeat and have come here to beg for your help! I bought a house that came with a 2005 Hot Springs Vanguard spa. Everything works EXCEPT the heat. Here is what I know/have tried: You can feel hot water coming out of the drain when the power is first turned on. This lasts about 30 minutes give or take, then back to cold No error codes on display and heat light is on Circuit board is not burnt up (removed everything and checked back of board as well) Circ pump works, jets work, lights work, ozone works. Bubbles are strong from drain Water feature works but it needs to be turned off when power is first turned on to hot tub otherwise I get the blinking red and green lights. Once tub has been on a few minutes then the water feature can be turned on and there are no blinking lights and water feature works I have tried with and without brand new filters installed. I ran a spa cleaner through the pipes and drained and refilled to ensure any YUCK was removed Initially I did replace the end cap on the end of the No-Fault heater because you could see it was cracked and leaking at the end of the heater. Note heat did the same thing before and after this replacement part was installed Help! Please! I live in a rural area and can not get anybody to come out and service/ check so any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Otherwise I'm strongly considering junking this thing! Thanks in Advance! 😁
  3. Graham- I am having the same issue on my 2005 Hot Springs Vanguard. Heat light is on, everything works, no error codes but I can only feel hot water coming out of the drain for maybe about 30 minutes and then back to cold water. I don't know what else to try either at this point! Hopefully someone here can help us out!
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