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  1. Does anyone know of a place to get these online? The old version (silver ion) are all over but the new style titanium ones seem to be only at dealers. Thanks
  2. I know this thread is old but its great! Quick question, do you recommend using bleach over dichlor in general? We have a Hotspring with the Freshwater slat system. It has been a bit light on production and the dichlor spiked our CYA so we needed to start over today. Thanks Craig
  3. Thanks! So, you just need the bleach to get it up and running and then as shock maybe weekly? What is picked up at leslies was Fresh ‘n clear oxidizing shock (Potassium peroxymonosulphate), is that the "pool shock" that you would suggest? Bleach is cheaper though! I will need a new cartridge soon, are they available online? My dealer is a bit of a hike! Thanks
  4. Not sure what silver ion is, just have been using the dichlor until i got the non chlorine shock to attempt to jump start it. How does one know if the cartridge was failing? The computer suggests its fine. I read that adding liquid bleach makes the PH go out of whack is that not a concern? Thanks!
  5. Relatively new tub, just a few months We seemed to need to add dichlor far too often, thus we weren't sure if it was working despite it saying that i it was Went a away and came back to a swamp (that shouldn't happen according to HS) temp was lowered to 80 and salt was "running" Since we returned we have struggled to get the levels right and couldn't get a free chlorine reading, just the total. Due to having to operate with so much Dichlor, the stabilizer is high so we finally gave up today and emptied it to start over. Leslies tested it and said that they thought we should be using an oxidising shock instead and only add the dichlor weekly. That differs from the HS guide. Any thoughts? We will get it balanced today and then set it to vacation mode as we head to our other home for a couple of weeks. Who knows if it will manage to maintain or not. Are we doing something wrong? Maybe just overdoing the dichlor, it just never seemed to get high enough despite me setting it to 7 plus and boosting it Thanks in advance
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