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  1. Got comfirmation this morning that all the info and details have been passed on to the warranty team now so see wat they say 🤞
  2. I paid cash so banks a no go area for that one .im still waiting for a reply off them as we been emailing pics and videos every other day wen they have asked for them ,its clearly a manafactor fault as its behind the lose part of the liner with the airjet holes in which fills up with air , ive come home today and water lever dropped over a inch below min mark and its all inside the inflatable yet if i put the jets on that all seems be ok ,im sure its a mater of time b4 it starts bulging due to water inside .any had no reply today and really getting frustrated with the time its taking them to r
  3. Hi i have a lazy spa vegas which is 3 months old and the water recently went cloudy so i emptied it to change it ,wen i unscrewed the air valve off to put air in water came flowing out of the liner wat should of just had air in ,i did notice the water level had dropped wen water was cloudy but no signs of leaks . I managed to get water out and put air in again but could hear air getting out from behind airjet pocket which goes round the hot tub inside ,i put water in just so it went above air jet pocket and wen i put a bit moreair in to the liner bubbles was coming through the air jets so cle
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