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  1. Hello all, I wanted to ask if someone could explain the different hot tub control boards? i have heard of Orca and Eagle. What is the difference and are they interchangeable? How do you know if you have a Orca or Eagle board? Thanks
  2. Well, no air lock. The loosening of the top pump connection, it revealed just water coming out. No hiss of air and I let it drain off about two cups of water. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. After reading on this forum...I did a pump connection release to see if there was a air lock. I did this release on the lower side of the pump. I will do the top side which is the preferred side to eliminate a air lock on. I will let you know the results.
  4. Hello, I have a 2012 Hot Springs Jet Setter Model JJ SN JJ1P2197 that has a safety protection mode on. The water level is okay. The filters are okay. I have removed the stand pipe filter and mineral tablet out of it. It originally had a bad IQ2020 main board. The old part number was a Watkins PN 1315101. I ordered a new control board for it (watkins 76998). The circulation pump kicked on at first flipping the breaker then stopped after a few seconds. The controller panel only works with some functions. No jet pumps or circulation pump. No heater. I took a new plunger to the water return to get any air locks out. There is a red light on the board that has control unplugged beside the light that is red. The lim light is on solid with a green glow. The BUS status light is blinking green about every 5-7 seconds. Any help would be appreciated.
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