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  1. Greetings: I have a small, 210 gallon hot tub with ozone on the way, so I need to figure out sanitization. It would seem that “Nitro’s Approach to Water Maintenance” remains the Gold Standard here, even though it was written 11 years ago. If you spend any time at all searching for best spa sanitizer systems, you’ll come across a plethora of more recent advancements such as salt water systems, mineral systems, enzyme systems, etc. that all claim to be less work and provide much better water while using less chemicals than Nitros’s method. Does this still remain the Gold Standard? For example, one thing Nitro doesn’t mention is how an ozone system might impact water balance and sanitation. Ozone systems seem to have also recently become something of a Gold Standard as well, so if you have an ozone system in your spa, does it mean you should adjust the parameters Nitro suggests, and if so, which ones, which direction, and by how much? Or perhaps is ozone simply another marketing thing like salt water, mineral filters, enzyme systems, etc.? My gut tells me that Nitro’s method is correct even 11 years later and was also pretty much the standard 10 years prior to Nitro publishing it. My gut also tells me you need chlorine to get rid of organics (I sweat so much) and that ozone will support that but is much better against pathogens, flora, and fauna. Please help educate this ignorant hillbilly prior to his tub arriving.
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