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  1. Hello all. I just acquired a used Hot Spring Sovereign I spa, and am trying to learn about it, and get it ready for assessment to see what may need to be done to it to get it in running order. My question at the moment is regarding power. This spa is apparently capable of using 110 or 220 volt power. Currently, it has a 110 AC plug with 20 amp prongs on it. Other than the fact that I know that 220 supplies twice the power, are there advantages/disadvantages to using one over the other, disregarding the actual cost of the breakers as a factor? In other words, what if anything do I "lose" if I use the 110 power connection? Thanks in advance.
  2. That does help a lot. Would that be a Sovereign I or Sovereign II?
  3. Greetings, all. I am a brand new hot tub/spa owner (don't even know which is the "acceptable" term to use yet), although I spent many wayward hours of my college career in one, decades ago. Anyway, wife and I acquired a Hot Spring Sovereign very cheap (as in, it only cost me the labor and gas to go pick it up...FREE!). So, it has been represented as working, and we'll see about that, but my number one obstacle to overcome is that I can't quite identify it. I have the serial number, but haven't been able to find a solid way to decode my serial, as so much seems to depend on knowing a few thing about it. Here's what I can tell you. On the tub itself, it says, "IQ 2020 control system". Also, under the "hood" the label says"Sovereign", the model is IQ, and the serial is "IQ2D1720". Can anyone help me identify specifically what this thing is?? When I go to the HotSpring site, I can't even BEGIN to decide which manual I should download, as I seem to be required to know the year of the spa, and so far, I do not. Any help/advice/pity you can offer would be much appreciated.
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