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  1. New to this forum and I have never owned a pool before, so thank you for your patience and your thoughts. I live in northnern NJ and have settled on getting a fiberglass pool from Viking Astoria or Blue Hawaiian Nautilus. First question, both pools use the same mold... Viking using ceramic reinforcing and Blue Hawaiian uses carbon fiber reinforcing. Does it mater which one I go with? Both have the same warranty and everything else seems to be the same. Second question, I want a mineral pool system (family has pretty severe ezchema)... have been pushed multiple times to salt but I'm pretty set on mineral. I finally got an answer to go with Ozone, mineral and degas system (degas for the automatic cover). I'm waiting for final confirmation on size but I believe the pool will hold ~25k gallons (and the pool comes with a built in spa). Any suggestions on which product to use? Prozone has a ozone system and degas system but do not manufacture a mineral system to complement. I'm perfectly fine going with prozone but then I need to find a mineral system to complement it. Thank you!
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