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  1. If you search YouTube for "goplus spa" , you'll see plenty of examples
  2. No, not really. I've found that if I push the heater button, then the temp button and really quickly press the up arrow I can set the temp. But as soon as I stop pressing the up arrow, the temp rapidly drops back to 68. So, the trick is to rapidly press the up arrow until I get the temp I want, then quickly press the temp button before the temp drops back down. I've got it set at 94 and it stays there. The heater itself works intermittently, sometimes it works without the red light on the heater button being lit up too.
  3. Hello, I have a goplus inflatable spa, model PH050017. I purchased it new on eBay several months ago. It has been working great up until now. During the recent hurricane , I drained it and stored it in the garage. In order to move it, I stood it on its side and rolled it from the side yard into our garage. After I set it back up today, everything works except the heater. When I press the temperature button it makes a beeping sound and the display is stuck flashing 68 degrees and won't change when I press the arrow keys. I drained the spa again and flipped it over but there is no
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