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  1. I had a leak in the AquaFlo XP2 pump in my Morgan Oceanside Spa. The leak was between motor and the wet end. I ordered a seal kit from amazon and received it yesterday. I closed the slice valves and started to remove the pump, but a significant amount of water started draining and did not stop promptly, like the valves didn't close. So I drained the tub, removed motor and wet end, and separated the two. I found a great video on youtube from Spa Superman describing this process. The motor and pump are relatively new; only 2-3 years old, so everything came apart easily. The impeller was a little hard, but not too bad. I replaced the o-rings and shaft seals, no problem. I reinstalled everything back into the tub, filled it up, and powered it on. I didn't break anything during this process. All the plastic parts are intact. The whole process went very smoothly. The pump ran for 2-3 minutes, then I got a bright orange spark inside the motor. It tripped the breaker. There was no whine from the motor, and the pump was running in low speed. I flipped the breaker back on, and tried to start the motor, but all I get is a "click" sound when I press the pump button. I think the click is coming from the panel. Any ideas what went wrong? I am suspicious of one of the valves. When I opened it, the handle came off in my hand, and some water shot out in a stream. Could that be stuck closed, which would have constricted output from the pump? Like I said, there was no unusual or scary sound from the motor, and the pump was running in low speed. I see no obvious sign of anything being fried on the board, and the two buss fuses look fine.
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