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  1. I've been shopping for a hot tub for about 3 weeks. I've scavenged this site for general hot tub advice and info on reputable brands. I've concluded these three things: 1. A dependable dealer is as important as the quality of the manufacturer. 2. A wet test is a must. 3. Master Spas is not held in high esteem. So far I picked out a Jacuzzi LX-L. I'm about half way between two dealers. Neither have it in stock, so I have to wet test a different model, and I don't really know if I'm going to like the finish of the tub when it comes in. The LX-L is feeling like a bit of a leap for me. I have a Marquis Dealer who can offer me a wet test in a Vector Series tub, but they don't have a Signature series in stock to wet test. They also don't have a cabinet I like. I found a Dynasty dealer in my area with a sterling reputation. Although I can't find a lot of information on Dynasty on this site, the sales person tells me he only has a 2% service call rate on warrantied tubs. I really like their stacked stone cabinet and would be tempted to order one now, but they can't provide a wet test. He said their facilities don't meet Houston city code for wet testing. I'd be completely breaking the wet testing rule if I buy this tub. Meanwhile Master Spas has a warehouse stocked full of tubs 30 minutes away. They have a stone cabinet I like, and they are willing to pull any tub I want for a wet test. I've questioned them about warranty work. They said they bought out the franchised dealer in this area and have retained her on contract to service their tubs. I keep coming back to Master Spas because they have models I like and the stacked stone cabinet options I like. Can anyone speak to their general quality while ruling out their sales model? Is the Balboa equipment reliable? Is this a tub that will last 10 years if maintained properly? Thanks in advance for input!
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